The most commonly overlooked health solution that is empowering, holistic, and extremely effective, is detoxifying your body. This ancient practice will trigger the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms, as well as start to remove accumulated physical, emotional, and mental toxins that are weakening cells, compromising organ function, and blocking the flow of energy.

Most people miss this simple step, and choose drastic surgeries and radical treatments because they are simply not aware that the body is designed to heal itself when given the right tools and environment. One of the most powerful ways that you can take personal action, right now to regain your health, is to cleanse your body at a very deep level with fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Speaking from personal experience, the health benefits of doing this, are nothing short of miraculous.
— LaShanda Greene, Certified Detox Practitioner & Wellness Consultant

You are probably here right now because you’re ready to experience greater physical and emotional health. You may be struggling with chronic aches and pains, or you could use more energy, joy, and balance in your daily life.  You probably don't feel like your doctors see you as a real person or spend enough time with you to truly understand your condition.  

If you are like the majority of my clients, you are seeking an alternative to conventional medicine. You want to get to the root cause of your health problems, not just put a temporary band-aid on them. Your goal is to experience wellness, vitality feel empowered with the wisdom and tools to take charge of your health and transform into the best version of your self.

While everyone is telling you different ways to treat your symptoms, my goal is to shift your mindset from symptom management, to finding a true long-term remedy for your health issues by Addressing the  Root Causes of Your Symptoms.

You will be told that there are "incurable" conditions.  I believe the healing ability of the body is virtually unlimited and I don't believe in the traditional concept of "dis-eases".  It's my job to help you understand why you shouldn't believe in them either.

You will be told that there are health conditions with no known causes. The body always has a reason for producing a symptom.  My job is to educate you on translating the body's language and addressing the root causes of your health conditions.

You will be told that the best strategy for dealing with organs and glands that have stopped working properly is to remove them from your body.  I want to talk to you about how to keep all of your body parts and make them healthy again.

I look forward to being your guide on your journey towards physical, mental, and spiritual transformation.

Love & Light,