• Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to control your IBS symptoms, but only found temporary relief?

  • Have your symptoms gotten worse since you’ve been diagnosed with IBS?

  • Do you feel like your IBS symptoms are holding you hostage or getting in your way of living the life you want?

  • Have you noticed that symptoms flare-ups are often tied to stressful thoughts or stressful moments in your life?

  • Do you feel that after awhile your diet is going to be limited to only 3 or 4 “safe” foods?

Hi, I'm LaShanda!

I work with holistic-minded women who are looking to address the physical, mental, and emotional root causes of their IBS symptoms.

I help women naturally cleanse, repair, and rebuild their digestive system, gain greater understanding of the chronic thought patterns that trigger their chronic symptoms, and develop a daily spiritual practice to set the foundation for long term health.

I’m a certified Detoxification Specialist and Breathwork Instructor, and my toolbelt contains expert recommendations on diet, herbal supplements, biofeedback technology, iridology, and energy healing. 

I have 5 years experience working with clients, but most importantly I speak from a powerful space of personal experience, as opposed to book knowledge, because I have lived through this same experience and healed from IBS and many other chronic health conditions.  

Clients who follow my recommendations and commit to all aspects of the holistic detox program, report significant improvements in digestion, better mental health, improved overall vitality, and a renewed enthusiasm for life.


I AM...




Great Listener


I work with holistic detox programs that involve the following elements:


Other Modalities in My Toolbox

  • Iridology
  • Emotion Code
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Intuitive Pendulum Dowsing (form of kinesiology)

My Philosophy


The Majority of Chronic Health Issue Start on the Mental and Emotional Level Before They Manifest on the Physical Level

Most all physical health issues manifest on the level of thoughts and emotions before they manifest on a physical level.  Prescription drugs are a bandaid at best, until you're ready to refocus your thoughts and address the root emotional cause that triggered the symptom(s) in the first place.

If you decide to work with me during your healing journey, you will receive holistic guidance that address you as a whole being and all the levels of your existence.  You will be given holistic tools that will empower you to get to the root cause of your health challenge, take your health back, and realign with your true self.



"Disease" is an Illusion

Diagnosed conditions are just a list of symptoms, and symptoms are simply "indicators" of physical and emotional imbalance.  If you bring balance back into your body, the "indicators" must go away.  It is that simple.  Which is why I've seen everything under the sun that doctors have considered "irreversible" and "terminal" reverse when the body and mind are introduced to the favorable conditions needed for self-healing.

My passion is helping you understand what your cells need to heal and thrive, and providing you with the wisdom and tools so you can prove to yourself that disease in an illusion.


Your Body is a Divine, Intelligent, Force With Unlimited Healing Potential

My liberation from the Illusion of Disease came during my own healing journey, where I saw my body heal the expected, the unexpected, and things that I had been conditioned to think of as normal (e.g. PMS).  That experience taught me what the body is capable of doing in terms of self-regeneration and now it is my passion to let you know, with complete confidence, that your body is capable of healing itself of almost anything if given the proper mental and physical environment.

How exciting is that?  Your body is a divine, intelligent force with untapped healing potential.  My job is to help you unleash that potential and facilitate the healing you're desperately wanting and desiring.

Benefits of Working With Me

  • Finally say goodbye to a lifetime of shame and embarrassment

  • Create a life that doesn’t’ revolve around your symptoms
  • Freedom to try new foods again without fearing the consequences
  • Attend dinners, parties, musicals, sports games, etc. without always needing to be close to a bathroom
  • Shift your outlook from surviving, to thriving in life

I Work With Women Who…

  • Have a holistic health orientation

  • Have already experimented with “clean” eating and short-term cleanses, and are ready to dive deeper

  • Willing to make diet and lifestyle changes to support healing

  • Wanting to develop a daily mindfulness/spiritual practice

  • Open to energy medicine

  • Open to succeeding even if they’ve been told their condition is incurable and irreversible

  • Don’t want to use a lot of drugs or unnatural processes to heal

  • Willing to throw out everything they’ve heard about raw foods being hard to digest and open minded about using raw foods and herbs for healing