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What If The Secret to Healing Was Not What You Did, But How You Felt?

I've created a 30-day group coaching program that will help you raise your vibration, so that you learn how to tune yourself to the emotional frequency of wellness instead of illness.  In practical terms, you will have the opportunity to see how your current chronic health issues start to shift, once you consciously start to infuse your life with more things that make you feel the following emotions:  









Your body is designed to heal itself and once you are vibrating consistently at the emotional frequencies listed above, two things will happen: 

1) Your body will have the increased energy flow it needs to heal itself naturally

2) You will be on the frequency to receive new ideas and inspirations that will represent the next steps in your healing journey, and yield tangible healing results.

I’m grateful that I took part in the 30 days of gratitude with Higher Purpose Healing....Announcing your gratitude to friends and strangers seems to give it even more power. It feels great to share it with others. This made me get into the habit of looking for things to be grateful for. Thank you LaShanda! 
— "30 Days of Gratitude" Coaching Program Participant

This group coaching program is based on the following concepts:

  • Years of personal research into energy medicine and alternative healing therapies

  • Years of personal research into hundreds of success stories where people reversed their chronic health issues naturally

  • Basic principles of the Law of Attraction

  • Teachings of Abraham-Hicks

Thank you LaShanda for leading this amazing journey with your sweet spirit...I learned another way to focus on my heart and be mindful...Thank you for your gentle non judge mental guidance.
— "Ready to Rock" 30 Day Coaching Program Participant


  • You will increase the amount of JOY in your life

  • Address the vibrational root cause of your physical health issues, instead of covering them up with temporary fixes

  • Become more aware of the things you're doing that are draining and depleting your energy and keeping you on the frequency of illness

  • Receive clear guidance on how to navigate any obstacles that appear to be keeping you from experiencing more joy in your life

  • Permission for 30 Days to focus on YOU and what feels good to YOU 

  • Begin to teach yourself that you have the power to Feel Good under any circumstances

Lashanda is very knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. She is patient and sincerely cares about her clients.
— Client

What's Included:

  • 5 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions via conference call

  • Instructions on how to easily & effortlessly start a meditation practice

  • Private Facebook group for connecting with other group members

  • Daily postings in Facebook group designed to increase your Feel Good



Chronic health issues are simply a physical manifestation of chronic negative thought patterns that have gained a lot of momentum over time.  And the longer you've been thinking these thoughts, the harder it is to even be aware of them.  They simply feel like truth and your reality.  Week 1 is all about hitting the reset button.  I'll show you how to easily initiate a daily meditation practice to slow down the momentum of old thought patterns, so you can create space for new thought patterns to form.  I'll also be helping you increase your awareness of what vibrational frequency you're on during the day, so you can better identify your current blindspots.




If you're like most people, you're allowing the situations in your life and what other people are saying and doing to set the tone of your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.  But what if you decided to consciously set the tone of your day-to-day experience independently of what anyone else is doing?  During Week 2, we'll discuss the different ways that you can use your focus to tune to a frequency thats more in alignment with the vision you have for your health.  You'll begin to experience how it feels to exercise your power to decide how you want to feel, and activate the thoughts that will get you there on a regular basis.  These types of vibrational shifts form the basis of your body having the energy it needs to activate its natural self-healing abilities.



One of the main reasons you want to be healed from your health issues, is because you believe you will feel happy when you regain your health.  Why not feel happy now?   During Week 3, you'll begin to give yourself permission to nourish yourself in ways you've been neglecting, by consciously making the effort to infuse your day-to-day experience with more of the things that make you feel good.  You'll start to gain more awareness of what limiting beliefs and old thought patterns are keeping you from letting more joy into your life and feeling worthy of living a life that feels good to you.  With this new awareness, you'll have the opportunity to see and let go of whatever is not serving your highest good, which include the chronic thought patterns that triggered the physical illness in the first place.




Our emotions have an energetic hierarchy. Negative emotions indicate slower moving energy and positive emotions represent faster moving energy.  Your body begins to heal itself in the faster moving streams of energy.   Over the past few weeks, you will have gathered a lot of information about your day to day habits, and what aspects of your daily experience usually cause your vibration to go really high, or drop very low.  During Week 4, you will be encouraged to use the data you've gathered to start to consciously shift from one emotional frequency, to a higher one.   That means using the power of your focus to turn the most mundane experiences into delightful ones, or to turn the experiences that normally inspire negative feelings, into better feeling or more peaceful experiences.  By fine tuning, you'll discover how to keep the energy flowing well in your life and in your body on a more consistent basis, which is the key to maintaining wellness after you have healed.

These 30 days of gratitude has been such a loving journey...I am being, experientially, everything I feel myself to be. I think about my spirit now with tears in my eyes. I can feel it humming inside, smiling and guiding my mind and heart more freely.
— "30 Days of Gratitude" Coaching Program Participant

Requirements For Participation in the "30 Days of Feel Good" Coaching Program:

  • You are currently experiencing some sort of chronic health issue

  • You are committed to making "Caring About How You Feel" your highest priority for the next 30 Days (e.g. doing things, thinking thoughts, speaking words, that feel good)

  • You will carve out space in your schedule to meditate/quiet your mind each day for at least 15 minutes each day (Instructions will be provided)

  • You are committed to attending the five weekly group sessions

  • PLEASE READ  -->  Understanding that this is NOT therapy or a support group space to discuss your health symptoms, childhood problems, and/or what's going wrong in your life; Instead you will be encouraged to share about things that make you feel good, what's working, and your vision of your wellness.



5PM PST   /   7PM CST /   8PM EST