My name is LaShanda and I am an Intuitive, Holistic Health Educator, and Breathwork/ Meditation Instructor. I specialize in Vibrational Medicine, which addresses the things that are blocking the flow of your life force energy and trigging health issues.  I have been meditating for the past 10 years and my spiritual path has given me unique insight into understanding the body and how it heals itself.   

I used to be sick. 

It started off with a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 2001. And by 2008, it had escalated to a long list of chronic health symptoms, including chronic colds and sinus infections, chronic fatigue, year-round allergies, irregular menstrual cycles, itching all over my body, and more! The final straw was when my doctor told me I had a tumor growing on the back of my neck. A tumor?!?! He assured me that it was probably fine – just a fatty tumor and that we could just could wait and see what happens. But I couldn’t find any place in my mind or heart where the words “FINE” and “TUMOR” fit together or made any sense.

But if I was being honest with myself, it wasn’t just my body that was sick, but my soul was suffering as well. I had been a CPA for 8 years, the work was easy for me, I was comfortable and making close to six figures, but my heart longed for something more meaningful and inspiring. My free time was spent trying new restaurants, partying, and watching television. But I also spent a good part of my energy trying to get people to wake up to everything that was wrong in the world, blogging about the world running out of oil, and focusing on everything my mother did wrong in raising me.  I knew there had to be more to life, but I didn’t know where to start.

In 2009, I stopped looking at my symptoms as obstacles, annoyances, and something to fear, which led me to one of the most priceless discoveries that I’ve ever made in my life: My Body Could Heal Itself.  I had started a daily mindfulness practice of focused breathing and meditation in 2007 and my mind became still enough to hear my intuition guide me to the next step in my healing journey:  a powerful living food and herbal detoxification program.  Over the next six months, I watched with wonder and amazement as every single one of my symptoms disappeared or significantly reduced. Even the IBS, which I was told I would simply have for the rest of my life.

Since then, I have been on an unrelenting quest to understand how the body heals itself.  Over the past 8 years, I have studied and personally explored many other alternative healing therapies including Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis, Ayurveda, Psych-K, Magnetic Therapy, Aura Readings, and more.  I’ve learned about the undeniable connection between thoughts and emotions and physical health symptoms.  I've also researched over 100 cases of people who have healed themselves from chronic health issues (including cancer, scoliosis, diabetes, Lyme's disease, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, etc.) through a wide range of natural methods.


My expansive journey to find the holy grail of healing has led me to conclude that there is no magic bullet.  I now understand the human body through the lens of energy and the "disease" process as a function of energy flow and vibrational frequency.  The key to unleashing the body's natural ability to heal itself is simply 1) understanding that you are made of energy, and 2) understanding what depletes/restricts/unbalances your energy flow and lowers your vibrational frequency vs. what improves/restores/balances energy flow and raises your vibrational frequency.  The better that energy is flowing through your body, the more balance you will experience on the level of mind, body, and spirit -- and the greater health you will experience.


I'd like to say that I've never experienced another physical health issue since the beginning of my journey, but that wouldn't be true.  I've watched new physical health symptoms manifest when I allowed chronic negative emotions to go unaddressed, but I've also been blessed with the empowering experience of witnessing the new symptoms go away as I brought myself back into balance, again and again.  I've developed the awesome Super Power of tuning my vibration to find my way back to Wellness when I get off track, which is way more powerful than any magic bullet or formula.


If you will stop looking for a cure, and simply start reaching for balance and ways to feel better emotionally, then you will become reconnected with your body's wisdom of how to bring itself itself back into balance, no matter what the diagnosis is labeled.


I've been meditating regularly for the past ten years and I have dedicated a lot of time and resources to raising my vibration as well as developing my intuitive gifts and the ability to read energy and connect with spirit.  My passion now is helping YOU understand your true Nature and how to thrive as a Vibrational Being living in a Vibrational Universe.  What excites me the most about doing this work is watching YOU see the real-time connection between what you do with your vibration and how your physical body responds.  What lights me up is seeing YOU live out your divine birthright to feel good, experience joy, and share your unique gifts and talents with others. And what inspires me to no end is being on the leading edge of where the future of medicine is going and part of the greater spiritual awakening that's taking over the planet.  

Are you ready to discover what’s possible?

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