My name is LaShanda and I specialize in Holistic Detox where I work with several alternative healing modalities to remove the mental, emotional, and physical toxins that are at the root of your health issues and blocking the flow of your life force energy.   

My commitment to this work started when I healed myself of several "incurable" conditions that I was told that I would have for the rest of my life (you can read more about my personal healing journey here).  After this awakening, I left a lucrative career and well paying job as a CPA, to dedicate my life to empowering others with the knowledge of how to heal themselves.  

I've spent the past 5 years doing independent research on the subjects of alternative medicine, metaphysics,  and spirituality.   I've also had a daily spiritual practice for the past 7 years that combines breathwork and meditation and my spiritual practice helps me stay balanced, as well as brings a heightened level of clarity, awareness, and compassion to my client work.   My current passion is energy medicine, which I believe is the future of health care, as well the foundation for understanding the mind, body, spirit paradigm of healing.

A lot of people come to me tired of fad diets and overwhelmed with trying to sift through the latest trends and studies around health and nutrition.  They don't want to spend the rest of their life in chronic pain or relying on supplements and pharmaceutical drugs to simply function.  They feel disconnected from their food and body.  They feel very dis-empowered when it comes to their health, over well-being, and tapping into their body's natural ability to heal itself.  They're confused.  They want wisdom.  They want change.  They want to choose a different path.

My passion is reintroducing people to health, vitality, and purpose.  So getting the body healthy again is only  the first step.  

What excites me is when people regain the energy to start checking things off their "bucket list" and spending quality time with the people they love....  

What inspires me is seeing people getting excited about life again and reconnecting with their purpose for being on the planet...  

What brings me joy is watching the world benefit from people who have come alive again and begin to start sharing their unique gifts and talents with others...  

Detoxification is the road to "Wellville" for those willing to travel, but it's also a platform for reconnecting with your true Self and the things that make you feel joy, love, inspiration, and excitement.  

More about me...


  • Received both a Level I and Level II Detoxification Specialist Certification at the International School of Detoxification and trained under Dr. Robert Morse, N.D, Master Herbalist, author of the book, The Detox Miracle.  His knowledge of how to regenerate the body is in such demand that the wait time to schedule an appointment with him is currently 2-3 months long!   
  • Presented on "Healing Through Detoxification & Raw Foods" at the 2012 San Francisco Green Festival and shared the stage with leaders of slow food movement including Eric Tucker, the masterful head chef of Millennium Restaurant in San Francisco, CA. 
  • Health Coach of the Rawality Program in Oakland,CA, created by Michael Bedar, Associate Producer of the documentary "Simply Raw:  Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days"
  • Breathwork and Meditation Instructor
  • Presented on "Relieving Stress & Managing The Mind" at the California Department of Health Wellness Program in Richmond, CA (Sponsored by Blue Shield Blue Cross)
  • Presented on Iridology at The Be Still Retreat in Oakland, CA hosted by Black Women's Media ProjectThis retreat focuses on bringing various practices of meditation and self care to African American communities.

  • Hosted several raw food workshops, including one at the Long Life Medical Group in Oakland, CA
  • Hosted a pop-up dinner in San Francisco, CA with Ayurvedic Chef Nalini Mehta of Route to India.  The dinner menu was an innovative combination of raw food and ancient ayurvedic principles.
  • Former CPA at Deloitte & Touche and Controller at a private high school in San Francisco, CA
  • Masters in Accounting + B.A. in International Business from Rhodes College