Alternative Healing Therapy Spotlight: Liver & Gallbladder Flush

This weekend, I embarked on my second liver & gallbladder flush after my Cyberscan Report indicated bile flow was restricted in my body, my gallbladder meridian needed attention, and then recommended multiple gallbladder-related alternative healing therapies to help me balance my body.  

A lot of people think gallstones only reside in the gallbladder, but they can form in the gallbladder, the ducts in the liver that control bile flow to/from the gallbladder, and in the ducts that connect the pancreas, gallbladder, and liver.  Not only can removing these stones and freeing up physical blockages within the digestive organs, help someone avoid gallbladder surgery, but it can improve energy flow to all body parts on a specific energy pathway/meridian, because if energy is restricted in one area, less energy will be able to circulate to other areas of the body that you might not even realize is associated with the gallbladder.  

Direction of Energy Flow for Gallbladder Meridian

Direction of Energy Flow for Gallbladder Meridian

For example, when I reviewed the various body parts associated with the gallbladder meridian, I recognized several of my physical symptoms that had lingered over the years and come back after previous detoxes that I had not associated with my gallbladder, including sinusitis, on and off hip pain, acne/moles above my shoulder blade, and menstrual cramps (which improved with acupuncture on my gallbladder meridian). 

I do not think that a liver and gallbladder flush is the best alternative healing therapy for everyone.  There might be another therapy more effective at bringing balance to the body, there might be some emotional work that needs to be done first in order to facilitate the physical release of the stones and toxins, or there might be a certain amount of cleansing/strengthening of other organs that need to happen first, to minimize detox symptom associated with a flush.  If you're curious in knowing which alternative healing therapy would be ideal for you at this time, based on analysis of your energy field, you can read more about the Cyberscan Alternative Healing Modality Report here.


Tips on A Successful Liver & Gallbladder Flush

There are many different variations on how to do a liver gallbladder flush, but the main objectives remain the same.

Objective 1:  Increase bile flow production

This is usually accomplished by ingesting herbs for liver & gallbladder (e.g. milk thistle, dandelion root, etc.) up to 2 weeks before the actual flush.  The raw food diet (especially apples, beets, ginger, greens) used before and during the flush also contribute towards this objective.

Objective 2:  Detoxify the bowels

Since many accumulated toxins will be stirred up and trying to make their way out your body, it's important that your bowels are moving properly before and during the flush so that "exit door" is completely open.  This can be done several ways by working with enemas, colonics, etc., but I prefer to use the raw food diet to reactive proper bowel function and herbal botanical formulas to cleanse the bowels before and after a flush.  However, if there's significant detox symptoms after a flush (e.g. fatigue, weakness, vomiting, etc.) then an enema or colonic can be helpful in assisting the body in purging toxins.

Objective 3:  Soften existing stones

This is usually accomplished by drinking apple juice before the flush as the malic acid in the apple juice has a softening effect.  There are other supplements (e.g. malic alic supplements, chanca piedra, etc.) that help soften stones and make them easier to expel but I prefer to work with Phosfood Liquid for this objective, which has been shown to be very effective for softening all sorts of calcifications in the body include gallstones, kidney stones, and bone spurs.

Objective 4:  Trigger the liver and gallbladder to expel stones

This is usually accomplished by drinking a combination of olive oil and fruit juice.  I prefer grapefruit to lemon juice as it tastes better but I've also read that grapefruit juice is ideal for gallbladder cleansing because it contains limonoid, a substance that dissolves gallstones.

Objective 5:  Facilitate an easy release of the stones 

Lying on your right side and resting after ingesting the olive oil/grapefruit mixture allows the stones to be released more easily from the body.  Other methods that some people use to relax the bile ducts are consuming epsom salts and using castor oil packs over the liver after you lie down for the evening.

Whatever flush protocol you decide on, make sure it's accomplishing the above objective.  Instructions for the liver & gallbladder flush that I followed and that I believe is good for someone new to flushing is at the bottom of the post.


A Daily Journal of My Recent Liver & Gallbladder Flush

Day 1:  I added Phosfood Liquid to my cold pressed apple juice from Whole Foods and made raw tacos for lunch with taco nut "meat" made from walnuts and tortilla chips and had berries for dinner.  Yes, the tortilla chips meant I wasn't 100% raw, but I was 100% happy during my cleanse. :)  I took the rest of my herbs for my colon and liver throughout the day.  After the berries, my body was literally buzzing with energy, which happens often when I switch from an omnivore diet to a raw foods diet.

image3 (1).JPG

Day 2:  I took my herbs and supplements with apple juice and water in the morning.  Today was less about meals and more about eating when I got hungry.  First meal of the day was pears, second meal was blackberries/strawberries/blueberries/raspberries, third meal was seaweed and grape tomatoes, and the fourth meal was a taco salad with quinoa, taco nut meat, salsa, guacamole, and corn.  I did get super hungry between the end of the work and making dinner.  I brought fruits with me to work to snack on, but my body was craving greens not sweets that afternoon, so I waited until I got home to make the salad. I felt really clear today and enjoyed spending my lunch hour doing something else other than eating.  

Day 3:  I took my herbs and supplements in the morning with fresh made apple juice from my Vitamix since I do not own a juicer and did not feel like making the trip to Whole Foods.  It took about 8 apples to make 8 oz of juice.  I cut up the apples into medium sized chunks, added a bit of water to the Vitamix, blended until it became a puree and strained the juice.  I had some berries for lunch and stopped eating by 1pm, as I was on liquids for the rest of the day to prepare for the actual flush.  Today was challenging.  I felt nauseous on and off today and a bit emotional.  I noticed myself very irritated by the evening time and angry for no reason.  I debated waiting until Day 4 to do the flush when I felt more emotionally balanced and less nauseous but  in the end I decided to stick to the original plan.

I made 8 oz fresh grapefruit juice from my Vitamix using the same method I used to make the apple juice.  The two grapefruits I used were large, red, and sweet (trust me, you don't want the other ones that are super tart).  I mixed 8 oz olive oil with the grapefruit juice and I have to say the mixture looked pretty intimidating as the two liquids would not combine.  I tried whisking and it still wouldn't combine.  So I basically had to pour it into another glass, back and forth, until everything merged, before drinking it.  I watched Netflix as I drank the concoction over 45 minutes and then lay down to watch more Netflix before falling asleep.  

Based on my first flush experience 7 years ago, I was prepared for a rough night but I only woke up four times and had two trips to the bathroom for regular bowel movements.  I experienced some sweating but it lasted a couple of minutes and I took it as a sign that my body was in purging mode and was using the sweating to eliminate toxins that needed to exit quickly.  

Day 4:  In the morning, I had about 5-6 more trips to the bathroom expelling green colored stuff from waking until about 1pm when things settled down and I started drinking juices again.  I did not dissect my bowel movements to look for stones, but I can appreciate people who are that bold!  

I mostly rested the day after the flush, but my overall energy was good, my mind was clear, and sinuses started to drain a bit.   I'll be looking for shifts in energy, emotional triggers, digestion, sinuses, and physical symptoms along my gallbladder meridian path over the next 30 days.

Click here for instructions on how to perform a liver gallbladder flush from Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. which is included in his book "The Detox Miracle Sourcebook".

Click here to order a Liver & Gallbladder Flush Herbal Detox Kit.

Freedom From Menstrual Cramps

I've suffered from intense menstrual cramps since I was 15 years old.  Some memories of my childhood include spending most of the school day curled up on a cot in the nurse's office with a heating pad, as I fell in and out of sleep.  I can also remember lying on the bathroom floor at home while my mother was at work, in an unspeakable amount of pain, trying my best to use the cold tile floor to bring down my body temp, so I wouldn't vomit again.   Eventually I learned to temper the most severe symptoms with a combination of ibuprofen and a heating pad, but I always silently resented having to deal with the process every month.

When I started my research on how the body heals itself, I studied people in the raw food world, and not only did I discover stories of amazing healings from diet change, but I came across women who experienced minimal periods (yet were still fertile) and women who no longer had menstrual cramps after converting to raw food.  It opened up my mind to viewing menstrual cramps as a result of imbalance within the body, as opposed to it being a natural process, or just part of being a woman, as I had been told so many times early on in life.

In 2010, I decided to detox my body with raw foods and herbs to deal with a long list of health issues I was experiencing.  I had absolutely no expectation regarding my monthly cramps, as that was considered normal and the tumor growing on the back of my neck was not.  I ate a 80% raw food diet and took a large amount of various herbal capsules and tinctures on an off for about 9 months, and towards the end started riding my bike a couple of times during the week.  At that point, and to my amazement, 85% of my health issues were gone, including my menstrual cramps.  I spent 6 months or so cramp-free before they returned at a mild level. 

By 2016, my cramps had returned to a level that I hadn't experienced since my childhood.  I was under a lot of stress in all areas of my life and my diet was horrible.  I didn't take my ibuprofen in time last summer and there I was writhing on the bathroom floor again, angry, and pleading with the Universe to take the pain away.   I decided to have a new Cyberscan analysis done during the fall of last year and on the top of my list of alternative healing therapy recommendations was obtaining acupuncture for my gallbladder meridian.  

The liver and gallbladder are closely associated organs and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, liver chi is often deemed to be the energy responsible for kicking off the ovulation and menstrual cycle process.  Any disruptions in this flow of energy, can contribute to irregular period cycles, reproductive health issues, infertility, etc.   Looking at the energy pathway of the woman's "gallbladder meridian" in the picture, you'll see it moves directly through area of the body where the female reproductive organs.  In order for cells of the various body parts on this energy pathway to stay healthy, the energy must be allowed to flow, without distortion or restriction.

I had tried acupuncture a couple of times almost 10 years ago to manage my chronic sinus and allergy symptoms, but stopped going because I couldn't stand needles!   However, I overcame my aversion to needles, and visited an acupuncturist, told her that I'd like to focus mostly on my gallbladder energy points, even though her initial assessment of my symptoms didn't point to the gallbladder.  After the session, the pain level of my menstrual cramps since then has gone from an 8 to a 2 and remained there for the past 5 months, without any diet change, detox herbs, or a follow up session.  My conclusion is that my previous detox had cleansed and restored energetic balance to many different parts of my body, including my liver and gallbladder, and the disappearance of my cramps the first time was a side effect of that.  But now I was able to pinpoint the root cause more precisely, due to my Cyberscan analysis.

I feel empowered that I've shown myself twice through personal experience, that menstrual cramps are not simply a price women have to pay for being female, and that this condition has a solution through alternative healing methods.*   I am excited to share this information with women and also continue to utilize energy medicine technology to better understand the root cause of menstrual cramps which alternative healing therapies will bring balance back to the body most efficiently.  For some women, the best recommendation for their unique energy field, might be to do a detox, or use castor oil packs on their reproductive organs, or increase circulation through a particular exercise technique, or to meditate to reduce negative emotions disrupting energy flow to the liver and gallbladder.

In my opinion, that's the beauty of the precision medicine movement, as it gives us alternatives and allows us to be smarter about how we practice health and take action towards healing our bodies.

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary.

LaShanda is a Holistic Health Educator, specializing in alternative healing methods.  She uses bioenergetic testing and advanced biofeedback technologies to help people understand the physical and emotional root causes of their health issues, as well as to provide customized healing solutions that are a vibrational match to a person’s unique energy field.    She offers Cyberscan consulting services and reports to clients all over the world, via hair sample submission.

Understanding the Process of Disease

I've recently come up with a way of explain how I define health, and how I believe disease is created and reversed in the body, in relation to energy/vibration.  I strongly believe energy/vibration is the missing link in understanding how illness is created and how the body heals itself, and it is also the key to developing more customized solutions for people experiencing health challenges.

How I Define Health

-Unrestricted energy flow throughout the body
-Dominant positive vibration (even if vibration sometimes dips in relation to certain subjects)
-Emotional imbalances are experienced, detected through awareness, and addressed quickly

Creation of Disease

  1. Stress is experienced (stress means any consistent or acute/strong negative emotion such as fear, worry, powerlessness, grief, etc.)
  2. Energy flow is interrupted/lowered/restricted in one or more parts of the body (any negative emotion restricts energy flow in the body)
  3. Disrupted energy flow leads to imbalance (i.e. hyper/hypo function of physical bodily processes -- especially waste elimination, and changes in cellular function and DNA/genetic expression)
  4. Experience of physical symptoms due to significant or chronic dysfunction of body's activities (a.k.a disease)

Regaining Health

1.  Implementation of one or more of the following elements to bring body back into balance

Detox - Can include colon cleansing, liver cleansing, kidney cleansing, lymphatic cleansing, raw food diet, saunas, ingestion of detox supplements, etc.

Energetic imbalances cause the breakdown or interruption of the body's natural waste elimination capabilities and allow toxins, populations of bad bacteria, etc. to build up.  Detox methods can help address the wastes/toxins that have been allowed to accumulate during prolonged periods of imbalance.

Oxygen - Can include deep breathing, exercise, ingesting oxygen drop supplements, hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions, being more in Nature, etc.

Breath is the basis of life and oxygen and restriction of energy flow, restricts the flow of oxygen to cells, as well as limits their ability to absorb oxygen.  Increasing oxygen flow will help to restore life to the body to address prolonged periods of imbalance.

Nutrition - Can include diet changes that temporarily or permanently increase natural nutrients from plant-based foods in the diet (raw or cooked) and naturally decrease the ingestion of foods that are toxic, acidic, or have a congesting effect on the body.  Can also include taking a variety of nutritional supplements.

After studying many cases of successful self-healing, one of most common factors is always diet change.  Food is not only a source of bio-chemical nutrients, it's also a source of energetic nutrients.  The type of food you eat can bring you back into balance or exacerbate existing energetic balances due to stress/negative emotion.

Energy - Can include addressing negative emotion/stress experienced, positive focus, seeking out  joyful experiences or anything that improves a person's vibration and moves them up the Emotional Scale.   Can include healing modalities that improve energy flow throughout the body such as yoga, Qi-Gong, massage, tai-chi, chiropractic adjustments, etc.  Can also include direct energy therapies such as Reiki, magnetic therapy, energetic frequencies imprinted in water, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, sound frequency therapies, etc.

Energy is the most important category for three reasons:  1) all physical symptoms started on a vibrational/energetic level, 2) all cellular functions and bodily processes (including waste elimination, immune defense, etc.) are determined by how well energy is flowing in the body, and 3) emotion is the largest factor in controlling energy flow in the body.  If you can improve energy flow through addressing negative emotion, focusing your thoughts in a more positive manner, or slowing down the momentum of negative thoughts (i.e. meditation),  you will easily and quickly create the environment necessary for all of the body's natural healing abilities to come back online quickly and efficiently.

2.  By implementing one or more of the above elements, energy restrictions are removed/eased and energy flow returns to the body.  

3.  Homeostasis returns to the body, cellular function returns to normal, waste elimination improves, and physical symptoms dissipate.

The disease process and related physical symptoms are nothing to be feared and it's simply the body's sign of communicating that you have created chaotic and restrictive energy patterns within your body that are not serving you, that are keeping your organs and glands from functioning properly, and that the imbalance needs to be addressed.  

There are many options to choose from when developing a wellness game plan and implementing the elements above.  The Cyberscan biofeedback machine can determine which foods, healing elements, supplements, etc. are a vibrational match to your energy and will best assist your body into coming back into balance more quickly.  This technology will also help you determine which psychological and emotional stress patterns are currently active and promoting imbalance in your body.  

LaShanda is a Holistic Health Educator, specializing in using advanced biofeedback technologies to help people understand the physical and emotional root causes of their health issues, as well as providing customized healing solutions that are a vibrational match to a person’s unique energy field.    She offers Cyberscan consulting services and reports to clients all over the world, via hair sample submission.