The Link Between Detoxification and Conscious Eating

I love inspiring stories of health and healing, don't you?

I came across this couple recently who made a conscious decision to literally transform their bodies, their health, and their lives, by changing their diet and that's powerful!  The couple started out with a vegan diet,  eventually tried out a cleansing raw vegan diet, and intuitvely stuck with it based on observable improvements with their weight, energy, and health levels.  Stories like this give other people the inspiration to get started with eating healthier, and move out of the inertia that keeps them stuck in the same patterns and habits year after year.  

However, I find it fascinating that most of my detox clients come to me seeking remedy for their health issues, and at the same time, most of them claim to eat pretty "healthy" already.   And for the most part,  they don't recognize the disconnect between those two things!  

You'd be amazed at the variety of ways people describe a "healthy diet".   Some people describe it as small portions, others as caloric restrictions, others as only indulging on the weekends, or not eating fast food, and others as not doing mocha lattes every morning!  The common theme however is that even under the guise of healthy eating, most people are simply not consciously aware of what they're putting into their bodies 3 times a day, 7 days a week.

I'm not a strict "raw vegan" or "vegan" personally, but my diet consists of a lot of raw fruits and vegetables and hardly any dairy or animal protein. I'm not a fan of diet labels because you can be "vegetarian" and eat nothing but refined carbs (i.e. breads, pastas, etc.) and dairy products, or you can be "vegan" and still eat tons of processed foods and hardly any fruits and vegetables.

I'm mostly a fan of eating intuitively and eating consciously.  BUT (and this is a big BUT), I find that level of awareness and intuition only becomes heightened, after the body is cleansed of toxins at a deep level.  At that point, you can really begin to distinguish cravings and emotional eating, from what the body wants and needs as fuel.  And with an internally cleansed environment, you can also start to readily feel what the wheat, dairy, meat, high fructose corn syrup, etc. are doing to your body in real-time, while before, most people are physically numb to the effects until they reach critical mass stage and health symptoms appear.

I wanted to offer that perspective based on what I've observed time and again with clients, and also with myself.  This topic comes up over and over in conversation, and many people have strong opinions on this subject, but those same people generally have not had the experience of detoxifying their body and seeing how that process could significantly impact their diet choices.  

So I really don't like to get into conversations with people on which diet is "best", until they've cleansed their body.  I've found consistently, that when people detox, they naturally eat differently, they have less cravings, deficiencies disappear, and they intuitively move away from heavier foods, and gravitate towards more and more plant based foods and raw foods, after the cleanse.   And that's a phenomenon that I hope everyone experiences -- not just a change in diet; but an expansion of clarity, intuition, and awareness that reconnects people with Nature and naturally guides the body back into balance and well-being.  


LaShanda Greene is a holistic health educator, specializing in detoxification and cellular regeneration.  She is the founder of Higher Purpose Healing and after reversing many of her own health issues, she now helps others overcome their health challenges naturally through diet and lifestyle change, so that they can live with more health, vitality, and purpose.  She offers detoxification consultations and powerful herbal detoxification programs to restore health and vitality to the body.

My Inspiration For My New Book on Hypothyroidism (Sneak Peak!)

Psst...have you heard?  

I'm in the middle of writing a book called the "Hypothyroidism Detox Solution" and this will be the first time I'll be sharing some of the contents of the upcoming book.  I would love to hear your feedback on the writing below or the book topic in general as I continue working on this project, so please leave me a comment below!

In January of 2014, my sister called me up out of the blue and told me that she had just been diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism.  I could hear the worry and anxiety in her voice over the phone.  She said that her gynecologist had made the diagnosis and referred her to an endocrinologist for additional blood tests and to discuss potential treatment options in about 6 weeks.   I proceeded to tell her that things were going to be fine but made it very clear how this scenario was going to inevitably play out if she left things up to her doctors.  A lifetime of prescription medication…a thyroid becoming even weaker over time requiring increasing dosages of thyroid medication…and the rest of the body that’s depending on a proper functioning thyroid suffering over time and predisposing her to a variety of chronic illnesses.  

I made it clear to her that taking the medication route would require nothing of her, but to get her thyroid back on track, it would require both short term and long term changes.   She mentioned that she had heard of another friend with hyperthyroidism that had developed a goiter and who chose to take radioactive iodine treatment to kill her thyroid gland.   We discussed how that situation and treatment were a little different than hers, but ultimately that she could keep her thyroid gland and get it functioning again -- but it was going to take some effort.  She agreed to implement my suggestions.  

During our subsequent conversations, I gained more information about her health history.   I had a general idea of some of her health challenges over the years, but we normally don't talk so much about health issues when we catch up with each other on the phone.  She’s in her 40’s and I found out that she had dental amalgams (i.e. silver fillings) for most of her life, but about a year ago she had them removed.  Within that timeframe of a year, she had started experiencing an increasing amount of symptoms related to hypothyroidism including depression, fatigue, and a low body temperature that often required her to be wrapped in blankets most of the time.  The more I began researching the connection between the thyroid and the mercury in her amalgams, the more I began to understand that this diagnosed condition of “severe hypothyroidism” was little more than her thyroid gland and the rest of the cells in her body being negatively affected by accumulated toxins and poisons.  I sent her a few articles to read on this connection between toxins and low thyroid function, and a few more articles on the throat chakra and related metaphysical issues involving speaking one’s truth and expressing one’s self.   

My sister was a long way from going 80-100% raw, but she agreed to start working more raw foods into her diet, which would serve as the foundation of her detox.  I also designed a personalized detox program for her using the "4 R’s of Healing" approach:  Remove accumulated toxins, Reduce toxin exposure, Repair damaged cells, and Recharge weak cells.   I ordered her organic herbal botanical formulas for the endocrine glands, whole food supplements, clay detox baths targeted towards removing mercury from the body, as well as magnets to perform several magnetic therapy protocols for boosting her immune system, giving her cells more energy to detox accumulated toxins, and regenerating all of the endocrine glands, including the thyroid gland.  After working with this approach for 6 weeks, her endocrinologist tested her bloodwork and reported that her thyroid function had returned to normal.  This feedback from her doctor corresponded with a dramatic improvement in the symptoms she had been experiencing for the past year.  My sister was very happy with the news and was even happier that she was no longer freezing cold all of the time.  Now she continues working with the clay baths and is now interested in working with others aspects of detox, including a parasite cleanse.  

I previously had success in 2013 with helping another client reverse her hypothyroidism, but now this issue was much more personal.  My sister’s transformation within such a short time frame combined with the eye-opening research I had gathered while working her case, was incredibly inspiring and turned out to be the fuel and motivation I needed to write this book and share this information with women all over the world looking to avoid the dreaded fate of being on thyroid medication for the rest of their life….

Thoughts on Obamacare


Let me first start by saying that I do not like the term "Obamacare".  I prefer almost any other term to describe the legislation that President Obama navigated through the Senate and House requiring that Americans purchase health care and guaranteeing that people with pre-existing conditions would have access to medical care and not be dropped by health insurance companies who don't want to cover their medical costs.  The other titles that I don't like using are "health care" and "health insurance" because neither of them are focused on maintaining health, regaining health, or insuring that a person remains in good health for the duration of their life.  They focus on treating disease, managing disease, perpetuating all the factors that cause disease, and suppressing all other "non-scientific" natural modalities that have bee used since humans stepped onto this planet, are still used by the majority of people in the world, and are truly focused on the health of the mind, body, and spirit.

Given that the work I do falls in that "other" category, it's been interesting to observe the health care debate and now make a decision about what I'm going to do in response to the mandate to plug into a system that I no longer believe in.  I am currently self-employed, the owner of a start-up consulting business, and I don't have health insurance.  Right now, I'm being forced to research all of this more as my mom is freaked out that I don't have insurance.  I was originally planning to avoid the issue entirely for as long as possible, by not purchasing a health care plan this first year of Obamacare, and just paying the fine at the end of the year.  I kind of resent that there is a government fine for non-compliance.  It is $95 the first year (or a certain percentage of your income) and goes up each year after that.  My resentment stems from being penalized for not plugging into a system that does not focus on health education or disease prevention, and offers three main modalities of treatment that I don't personally agree with outside of acute or late stage health emergencies:  pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy.  The only thing I'm interested in regarding health insurance is using it for the things that the medical system excels at, and that is emergency situations where herbs and green smoothies just won't cut it.  That and having access to blood testing for preventative testing.  

It's often thought that the uninsured are the ones being bankrupted by medical bills, but from my research, medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcies in the U.S and a key point is the majority of those folks going bankrupt already have health insurance.  I came across a link recently about a young man who had to pay $11K for an appendectomy, after his insurance coverage was calculated and applied to his bill.  Yes, the plans with Obamacare give people with pre-existing conditions access to health care, but there's no guarantee their procedures/surgeries won't still bankrupt them in the process of treating disease.  Actually, there's still a pretty good change this might still happen, due to the way many of the plans are structured.

I've learned through spending way too many hours perusing the website, that even though most health insurance provided through jobs doesn't require you to pay a deductible before you receive treatment, many of the plans that you purchase on your own outside of a job including those in Obama Care (requiring up to $300 a month in premiums) require between $1500 - $5,000 deductibles before standard medical services can be issued, and some plans require the deductible to be paid before you see a doctor, specialist, or start using non-generic prescriptions.  If you have a family, sometimes you are required to pay the entire deductible for the family before any of these things kick in.  And then, after paying the deductible, there are often more costs on top of that because a co-insurance % payment is often in effect.  So $5K treatment plus thousands of dollars in co-insurance payments could easily create a medical bill that's hard to stay on top of for the typical family.  If I were to make a visit to the ER for an acute emergency, the plans that don't require high deductibles require pretty expensive premiums each month and are out of my price range.  The ones that are more "affordable" on a monthly basis require significant upfront costs that are simply not doable.  

What to do?

I have to recognize that everyone is at different levels of unawareness, unconsciousness, and life experience, when it comes to health.  My perspective on this issue comes from being sick, not finding help within the medical system, discovering the healing power of diet and herbs and detoxification, and then seeing that no amount of treatment was ever going to help me reverse the root causes of what caused me to get sick in the first place.  To someone who has never heard of kale, or experienced the exquisiteness of fresh fruit from the farmer's market, who has never been introduced to any other healing modality outside of allopathic medicine, or who is motivated by fear after losing family members and friends to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer -- health insurance and the medical system might seem like the best thing going.  I totally get it.  And no amount of me wishing things were different on the health care front in this country regarding this broken system and its crazy costs and general unawareness that there IS another way, are going to make them different right now.  

But since chronic illness can be prevented, then it's also true that our diet and lifestyle choices will literally bankrupt the country if we don't start to make different choices.  And we cannot rely on a health care as a primary industry for job growth if it condones lethal side effects from treatment and requires keeping people chronically sick and dependent on drugs and treatment. I believe systems like Obamacare are temporary, stop gap measures while other alternative systems are being put in place and while more information is starting to go mainstream regarding natural forms of healing.

I don't go to doctors anymore, I don't get prescriptions.  I don't believe in "disease" or the treatment approach to disease.  And until health insurance plans cover herbal supplements and alternative modalities that view the body, health, and illness as a mind/body/spirit experience, I'm not very interested. At the same time, I choose to honor where other people are on their own journeys.  I acknowledge that Obamacare is not alignment with my personal choices and values and understanding of what disease really is, but I'm simultaneously happy for every person who was suffering before, because they didn't have access to medicine or treatment they felt they needed to feel better and live a better life.

I look forward to a future where I won't be mandated to participate in a system I don't believe in.  But for now, my personal protest is being countered by mom's worry.  And I don't like to see my mother worry.  She's decided to purchase one of the basic plans for me, for her peace of mind and I have agreed...for now.  

Iris Changes on the Journey of Detox

I got a YouTube comment the other day on one of my videos showing before and after iris changes as someone followed a deep tissue detoxification program.  

"EYES DONT CHANGE!  IM AN Iridologist and i can tell you this is outdated information!" ~ Michael Salas

I responded very nicely to Mr. Salas and let him know that I was also an iridologist and that I and my mentor (who has been reviewing eyes for many decades) have seen them change.  I never heard back from him.

I'm aware that there is an entire branch of iridology that teaches practitioners that the eyes don't change, but a lot of people study iridology outside of the context of detoxification and therefore, they don't understand that with a powerful detoxification program that triggers release of toxins and congestion from the body, the eyes will indeed change to reflect healing and a person's shift in consciousness as they completely remake themselves and heal and let go of all aspects of themselves that are no longer serving them.  

I pursued a career path in detoxification, when I finally understood that healing was a multi-dimensional experience that affected all of the bodies -- the physical body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.  And I continued with this path of "deep tissue detoxification" and dove more deeply into iridology when I started to become aware of the iris changes and the subsequents improvements in people's physical health, as well as shifts in their consciousness. This is why I don't focus on 1-day or 3-day cleanses that you can get at the local grocery store or juice bar.  Those are great for maintenance cleansing, but they don't go deep enough.  Getting the eyes to change is not impossible, but it is rare, because not that many people are willing to put in the work of cleansing and healing at such a deep level.

I came across another example today (See my previous post from Itality in Senegal) of iris changes occurring in less than 2 months, after speaking with Lana in Texas.   Lana has been on a deep tissue detoxification program involving raw food and God's Herbs and took a pictures of her eyes on February 4th, 2014 and March 12, 2014.   I've posted the before and after photos of her Left eye below.  The original blue color is starting to show more and the orange/brown is fading especially noticeable in the bottom left portion of the iris.

Q&A with Lana

Q:  Did you ever have blue eyes?
Lana:  "Yes, till I was 2 or 3"

Lana:  "More blue coming in every day...Stuff is really moving now that I am off the dairy. Have had a healing crisis going on for about 2 weeks or more."

Q:  Could you talk more about the details of your healing crisis?

Lana:  "I have had tons of thick mucus coming out of my sinuses for more than 2 weeks. Had a low fever in the beginning. I guess most people would have called it a cold or flu...A few months ago, I also had a healing crisis. Tons of mucus fever for 2 days and sore throat and achey body. It is really difficult to change my way of thinking, I couldn't help but think I had the flu. But after watching the video about the healing crisis and thinking about it I feel I understand now. Our thought processes become so ingrained it is hard to change."

Left Eye February 2014
Left Eye March 2014

You can read more here about why "cold and flu" symptoms are not really cold and flu symptoms at all, as Lana mentioned above.  For YouTube videos that give other examples of the iris changing, you can click here and here.  And for access to detoxification programs that have the power to change the eye colors and trigger physical and spiritual transformation, click here to learn more.

The Secrets Behind My Smile (Part 1)

First video in a series I'll be doing, where I simply share from the heart about how I manage to stay smiling in a world full of people and situations that try to steal my joy.  

I want to hear from you --> 

What types of things keep you smiling every day?

And how do you change how you're feeling during those times where holding on to your smile or your joy, is challenging?

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