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You're invited to listen to my latest podcast interview with Amy Schuber, host of "Inspired Conversations."  We talk about my ever evolving thoughts around detox, healing, energy, resonance, and learning to trust yourself on your healing journey.

Plus I share my go-to book for inspiration, my favorite songs for inspiration, and one thing that would surprise people to know about me... Can you guess?

I hope you enjoy it and learn something new!

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My 2014: A Year of Freedom & Living In The Present Moment

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua


It all started with a conversation about needing more travel and adventure in my life and possibly subletting my apartment for a couple of months to experiment with living in another country.  That train of thought ended up with me selling everything I owned (well almost everything) in January of 2014 and traveling to various parts of the world for almost a year. 

I didn’t have a timeframe in mind, a plan, a destination more than a month in advance, and I didn’t know where I would end up at the end of my journey.  I know a lot of people take sabbaticals, gap years, or extended trips and vacations with a goal to explore a particular country or subject like Gaelic castles.  I was personally motivated less by wanting to experience a particular thing, and motivated more by a deep desire for freedom in all areas of my life and an intense curiosity to see what happens when I simply live in the present moment and let my life unfold in real time.

Besides brief conversations with friends, I’ve never fully taken the time to consciously reflect about everything I’ve learned this year.  Partly because thinking about the past takes me out of the present moment, and partly because everything that’s happened this past year has already started to feel like a distant dream at this point.  But in the spirit of reflection, in order to prepare for 2015, I decided to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and share my thoughts.  If you’re reading this, I hope that you find something that resonates and inspires a resolution of your own for 2015.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada

My Life Is My Responsibility

When we’re in the middle of the grind, it’s easy to feel as if life is happening to us, instead of feeling like masters of our own reality.  Unplugging from everything and everyone that seemed to have an opinion of how I was supposed to be living my life at the age of 33, was one of the most liberating experiences I’ve ever had.  I started to feel like the Master of my own experience.  The Creator of my own reality.  What I thought, I manifested.  What I was inspired by, I acted on.  What felt good to me, I cultivated more of in my life.  My time was my own and I made up my own rules as I went, including when I worked, and what I wanted to experience.  I think that’s how we’re all supposed to experience life and ultimately why we chose to incarnate into these bodies at this particular time on this planet.  I feel overwhelmingly blessed that I had a chance to taste that level of freedom and I will continue to do what it takes to live my life by my own rules, because it’s within that space that I feel most ALIVE.

Baja Sur, Mexico

Baja Sur, Mexico

Inspiration Is Now My Favorite Addiction

Contrary to popular belief, this year was not all play, and no work.  I kept up with new and existing clients virtually via phone and Skype.  I created three online educational videos and finished writing a book on holistic wisdom for good digestive health this year.  (The book will have recipes from the amazing Amanda Corissa of Craving Thirty, so as soon as those are done, it will be available for sale).  I gave presentations in Mexico, Houston, and Santa Monica on nutrition, detox, wellness, and thyroid health, as well as performed more iridology readings in a single day than I thought was humanly possible in May of this year.  I also led my friend's family through a 30 day raw food transformation.  So yes, I was still working, but it didn't feel like work.  It felt like play.  And there were tons of creative ideas flowing, simply because I was surfing on a wave of daily inspiration and it was addicting.  Is it too much to ask that daily inspiration be the norm in my life?  And that work, never actually feel like work?  



Things Always Work Out

My natural tendency in the past was to worry.  At one point in my life, it was worrying about others thought of me.  At other points it’s been to worry about whether a relationship was meant to last, or if I made the right decision taking a job.  I realized that no matter how much I worried, things always worked themselves out.  I learned the lesson I was supposed to learn. I had the experience that I was supposed to experience.  If I didn’t get something I wanted, I got something else instead that had its own value and benefits.  Entering this year without a plan, meant I could let go of feeling responsible for making things work or worrying about accomplishing some big goal.  I got to trust that things were always working out in my favor and that I was always being taken care of by the Divine.  It felt lighter.  It felt effortless.  It felt good.

Baja Biosana Permaculture Farm

Baja Biosana Permaculture Farm

The Peaks Are Just As Important As The Valleys

I had some amazing experiences this year.  From partying with my best friend at Mardi Gras, to riding an ATV around the islands of Nicaragua, to biking through Stanley Park in Vancouver on a gorgeous summer day.  There was no shortage of peak moments this past year.  But there were also some really quiet moments where not that much was going on or emotional moments like finding out my grandfather had passed away and rerouting travel plans to speak at his funeral.  There were even moments where I was completely and utterly bored – which is quite uncharacteristic for me.  From all this, I gained further confirmation that all of the ups and downs are simply a part of life and they are all there to add depth to my personality and help me appreciate and focus on how each of those moments add value to my life.   For example, the boredom helped propel me into a new phase of clarity, awareness, and inspiration around my work and the message I want to bring to the world.  And for that, I’m thankful.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

There Is Kindness, and It Is Everywhere.

The world is not a dangerous place.  I repeat.  The world is not a dangerous place.  I strongly believe that our thoughts create our reality, and if we see the world as dangerous, it’s only a reflection of what we’ve got going on internally.  In 2007, I took a meditation course and was given the task of not watching the news for a week.  At first I thought the suggestion was a bit extreme, but at the end of the week, I found out that I didn’t miss it at all.  When I spoke about traveling alone to Nicaragua or Mexico, I got lots of concern from people who watch the news…a lot.  Be careful they said.   Keep your items locked.  Don’t trust people.  Don’t go out at night.  You shouldn’t be traveling alone as a woman.  Aren’t people being killed in Mexico?  

To all those who were concerned, I say thank you for the intention of wanting me to be well and safe.   But I can say that the things that are fed to us on the news and in movies are not accurate representations of what’s going on in the world, and often highlight bad in a world of really awesome people and places.  I saw countless examples of rich and intoxicating natural beauty when I traveled this past year.  I met people who wanted to help me get where I needed to go, make me smile, learn from me, or show me how proud they were of their city and country.  I had lots of people treat me as if I was one of the family – and said I reminded them of their daughter or sister.   Not once did I feel like my life was in danger.  Seldom did I feel like people were conspiring to rip me off.   That was my personal experience and I don’t feel like I’m the exception to the rule.  So my advice, if you are feeling called to explore the world, is don’t let fear hold you back, and know that you will find what you expect to find.  So expect good things.


Opelousas, Louisiana

Opelousas, Louisiana

Happiness is Not Somewhere Out There

For the longest time, I’ve been hearing about how human beings are constantly searching for happiness because we have be conditioned to believe that this elusive pot of gold is somewhere outside of ourselves.  But unless we realize that the happiness is inside of us and accessible 24-7, we will spend the rest of our lives searching for the next thing or person that might make us happy. This profound spiritual wisdom has always resonated with me intellectually, but my experiences this year helped move it from being a concept to a daily reality.  For example, after visiting this magical waterfall near Whistler and staring at it for awhile in amazement, the thing I wanted to do most – the only thing I could think of that would allow me to capture the greatness of Nature’s handiwork, was to close my eyes and go inward.  How odd is it that my reaction to seeing beautiful things nowadays, is to close my eyes ?!?  I can only describe it as allowing myself to feel on the inside, how Nature looks on the outside.  And it’s a beautiful feeling.  Having my daily meditation practice has made this year less about thrill seeking and trying to consume all of the beauty in the world, and more about cultivating the natural feelings of bliss, beauty, and happiness that are already inside of me.

2015 & Beyond

2014 has ended and many insights from this past year are still being revealed to me.  I’m looking forward to 2015 where I will be seeking a different type of freedom. My intention is to be honest about who I am, what I think, and to live authentically.   Can’t wait to see what happens when I focus more on being true to myself and less on worrying about what other people think of me.  

Blessings to you and I hope that you manifest everything that you desire in the new year.

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Hi everyone!  I hope the holidays are treating you well and that the spirit of celebration and giving are forefront in your hearts this season. I'm still getting settled in Los Angeles and excited about some upcoming opportunities.  I've been meeting locally with Pressed Juicery (one of the biggest juice bar chains in California) to form a detox partnership and I'm looking forward to developing that business relationship in the future.  

I've also started reaching out to companies in the area offering wellness programs for their employees.  My current offerings for Corporate Wellness talks are listed below (more coming soon!) so please reach out if you live in Southern California and think your company would like to host one of these talks in 2015.


Generally, detox is the last thing on someone's mind during the holiday season, but if you're already looking forward to the New Year and planning to make a renewed commitment to your health and well being, you might be interested in taking advantage of the Holiday Sale I'm currently offering now through December 31st.

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Discover Wellness

I believe that the majority of chronic illnesses can be prevented by proactively addressing the following six areas.  Let's explore how to systematically prioritize health and well-being in all of these areas.

Stress Reduction
Lighter & Cleaner Diet

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Clean Eating 101

  • Practical tips for clean eating while grocery shopping and dining out
  • Discover the "dirty" health and diet trends that most people don't know about
  • Obtain a list of the top restaurants in Los Angeles for Clean Eating
  • Identify the most important thing you want to buy "Organic" in the grocery store
  • Learn about the one thing that's more important to your health than any toxic ingredients in your food
  • Discover the #1 most important benefit of clean eating that will improve every aspect of your life!

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Introduction to Raw Foods
In this introductory class, we will discuss what raw foods are, the many benefits of adding more raw foods to your diet, and tips on starting to add more of these foods to your current diet.  Discover why you don't have to become a "raw foodist" to unlock the benefits of raw foods!

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Tapping Into Unlimited Energy
In a world dominated by artificial energy stimulants such as coffee and Red Bull, I have learned the secrets of adjusting my diet, lifestyle, and thought patterns, so I thrive everyday on natural energy.   Most people aren’t aware of just how powerful the following elements are in increasing their energy and capacity to do more in their lives...

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Reverse Disease Naturally

November Is "Reversing Breast Cancer Naturally" Awareness Month

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month and I barely made it through it!  Now just to be clear, I support anyone who is passionate about fighting for any cause that they believe in and connecting with others over a common shared experience such as dealing with breast cancer or supporting family members diagnosed with breast cancer.  

But what I do not support is the idea that the CURE is in a magic pill, or out there in a laboratory somewhere, waiting to be discovered, and that KFC (of all companies!) is going to be on the leading edge of bringing healing to the masses!    It is so unfortunate that breast cancer is now being used as an excuse to sell more of the processed food products containing chemical toxins that accumulate in the body and set the stage for chronic health conditions like cancer to develop.   

Healing is a journey of mind, body, and spirit and the ability of the body to heal itself is beyond anything you've ever been allowed to imagine.  Based on what I know about the body's ability to heal itself, I personally consider medical surgeries and toxic medical treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation, to be radical and "options of last resort".  There's way too much information out there now about what's causing cancer and how diet, detox, stress reduction, and lifestyle changes all address the underlying root causes of cancer, while the "options of last resort" only chase symptoms and weaken the body over the long run.

This topic is dear to my heart because the only reason I started on this career path was because I met a woman several years ago, who reversed her breast cancer naturally and opened my skeptical mind to this possibility.  I think enough people are painfully aware that breast cancer exists.  Don't you?  The awareness that's really needed right now on the planet is the knowledge of how to regain one's health naturally.

So this month I'm paying it forward by declaring November "Reversing Breast Cancer Naturally" Awareness month so YOU can also open your mind to what's possible in terms of healing from the inside out.  Each week this month, if you are a member of my newsletter (if not, join today!), you will receive a story of healing in your inbox and a holistic tip on proactively addressing the root causes of breast cancer.  Be inspired and please share this information with the women you love.

Love & Light,

"Janette's Story of Healing After Being Given 6 Months To Live"

"When Janette Murray-Wakelin was diagnosed with highly aggressive carcinoma breast cancer over six years ago, she was ‘given’ six months to live. The tumor was 3cm and the cancer had spread into the chest wall and the lymph nodes. It was recommended that she undergo conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatment, which may possibly extend her life a further 6 months.

At 52 years, a mother of two and grandmother of one, she was not willing to accept this prognosis.

I had lived a very healthy lifestyle, being vegetarian for 25 years and vegan for the previous 15 years," Janette explains.  "I have also been extremely physically active all my life, so I was quite shocked with the diagnosis."

"However, the power of intention is far greater than that of fear," Janette continues, "and I had every intention of staying around for a long time!".


Reversing Breast Cancer Naturally - Tip #1

Changing your diet is one of the best things you can do to address the root causes of cancer.  The colors in your food speak to all sorts of great phytonutrient and energetic properties that have the ability to restore nutrient deficiencies, provide the body with anti-oxidants, and even turn off cancer genes and turn on anti-cancer genes through Epigenetics.  I use raw foods in my holistic detox programs because they are powerfully packed with colors, nutrients, and living energy.  The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine released the info graphic below to help emphasize the connection between diet change and cancer.

My Videos, Wellness

Why I'm Not Afraid Of Ebola - 4 Part Video Series


I decided to make this video series because I wanted to share the reasons why I'm personally not afraid of becoming a victim of an Ebola outbreak. I’m not an Ebola expert, but I do not believe that Nature is out to attack us and that we are powerless against all of these external threats that we are constantly being conditioned to fear.

I know from personal experience and knowledge gained from studying from great healers, that “disease “only gains a foothold in a body that is physically, mentally, and energetically receptive to the development of that disease -- no matter what it's called. And no matter if it is affecting a single person or a large group of people. It is all about the inner terrain BUT what most people don't realize and have not been taught about, is that inner terrain is multi-dimensional -- mind, body, and spirit. Focusing on only one of these things is not enough. I'm talking to you fellow detoxers!

Your belief systems, emotions, thought patterns, energetic frequency, accumulated toxicity, and weaknesses in your body make up your internal terrain. You ultimately cannot control whether you are exposed to viruses, bacteria, but you can control what you think, what you feel, what you believe, where you're vibrating, what you put in your mouth, and whether you actively cleanse your body. If you are the average person, then your internal terrain is A MESS and YOU have created a perfect environment for dis-ease to grow and thrive in your body.

Remember that you are divine, intelligent, energy in physical form and your body has an intelligence that is beyond comprehension. Acknowledge your divinity, accept full responsibility for your health, take back your power, and use these videos to help you expand your thinking, stop giving your power away, and allowing others to focus your attention for you and tell you what is and what is not possible in YOUR reality. You decide what you believe in and the choices you make (or don't make) about your internal terrain will determine what physical symptoms (if any) manifest in your reality.

Love & Light,
LaShanda, Detox Specialist & Wellness Consultant

Learn More: www.higherpurposehealing.com

Part 1 - Epigenetics & Viruses
Part 2 - Carrying Viral Loads In The Body Without Expression

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Part 3 - Detoxing Proteins Out of the Body 
Part 4 - The Energetic Vibration of Viruses & Their Host



Inspiration, Articles I Write

The Beginning is Near

Have you ever known anything worth having that didn't come without struggle and challenge?  Can you think of any sort of societal change, progressive leaps forward in thinking, and gains made by marginalized groups that didn't come without chaos and turmoil?  Things often fall apart, so greater things can come together.  Isn't it?

Old systems, old ways of thinking, old ways of relating to one another are simply no longer sustainable at this moment in time and they must collapse.  Trust that this collapse is being accompanied by the birth of new systems involving integrity, inter-connection, sharing of resources, love, and harmony.  If you train your mind to look for them, many of these systems are already here and growing in number.  It is up to you where you choose to focus your attention during times of chaos, or if you allow your attention to be focused for you.

The decision at hand is whether to see the world as full of violence and fear and on the edge of collapse or as an opportunity for you to be apart of the greatest awakening this planet has ever experienced.  Choose to be EXCITED, CURIOUS, INSPIRED, EMPOWERED, MOVED TO ACTION, or to simply be IN AWE AND WONDER of humanity and all the mysteries of this thing called life.  

Anything is better than choosing to be afraid.  

Love, Me