Roseanne Fights Grave's Disease Without Surgery or Radiation

I met Roseanne in 2011 during my detoxification certification class with my mentor Dr. Morse.  Even though she was acupuncturist, when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, she decided to make detoxification her main focus, while using acupuncture has a complementary therapy.  She worked with Dr. Morse and followed an advanced cleansing protocol for 16 weeks consisting of raw food, God's Herbs, and periods of fasting on grapes.

She lost a lot of weight during her detoxification and healing journey, and when I met her she was very thin.  She said during our class that friends, family, and strangers questioned her approach, made negative comments about her weight and suggested she needed to eat or seek medical attention -- not understanding the mechanism the body was using to remove the underlying cause of her goiter/Graves disease instead of just treating symptoms.  

True healing is a matter of addressing causative factors.  The same issue that was causing the goiter to form was the same issue that was preventing her to absorb nutrients.  The weight loss during detox revealed an underlying malabsorption issue.  Cutting out her thyroid gland would not have addressed these causative factors, resulting in more serious nutrient deficiency and glandular health issues in the long-run.

Kudos to Roseanne for removing her goiter naturally with a raw food and herbal protocol, reversing Graves' disease, and standing up for keeping her thyroid gland.  Surgery is often unnecessary if one understands the body is a self-healing, self-regenerating, machine!

Roseanne's Story: