Q&A: Craving Cooked Food While Detoxing

For the last week I've had the most intense cravings for cooked foods. I've been raw for over 3 months eating mostly fruit without too much trouble, but these cravings make me want to cry. It's ridiculous and constant. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Of course!  We all have. Sometimes the cravings are easy to observe and ignore, but when they get intense, it often takes less energy to give in, than resist. 

Have some cooked foods for dinner -- steamed veggies, baked sweet potato, steamed kale, stir fried veggies. A little quinoa or millet if you're craving grains/starch. And then hop back on the detox bandwagon the next day. If you need to go to that level for a few days, fine. It will slow the detox down a bit, but then you'll hit it again full force! 

Allow yourself to balance out from time to time -- this will support your long term detox and healing journey and will help you avoid bingeing on unhealthy cooked foods whenever the cravings become too much. 

Hope that helps! You're doing a great job!  Focus on all the positive strides and changes you've made, instead of a couple of cooked meals throughout the process.