I'm so glad Angelina Jolie's announcement opened up this national conversation on women's health, because there's so many things to add to the table for discussion!

So in the scientific community, there's basically two lines of thought when it comes to genes. The conventional line of thought says your genes are the way they are, and you have no power to change them and for example, you have little chance to avoid developing a "disease" like breast cancer if you have the BRAC genes. This line of thought generally produces feelings of fear and disempowerment.

And then there's another line of thought that says it's not always the gene itself, but it's also the environment that the genes/cells in your body are subjected to that ultimately determine whether certain genes express themselves or not. This area of science is newer and called Epigenetics. 

Under the first line of thought, genetic testing for certain genes and a preventative double mastectomy and removing ovaries to avoid a fated disease might make sense. But with Epigenetics, proactively changing ones "environment" and engaging in things like diet change, cleansing the body, and stress reduction makes more sense. 

You can do your own research around this (I've included some videos below), but I'm personally a fan and believer in theory of Epigenetics, and ultimately the body's ability to heal itself given the right tools, environment, and "incoming signals".  From my perspective, Science is just catching up to what Nature already knows how to do.  The holistic detoxification programs I work with involving raw foods & organic herbs (Two of Nature's most powerful cellular regenerators), & stress reduction techniques, basically have the effect of reprogramming cells and regenerating tissue.  This tissue regeneration can be seen in the iris as well over time.  

You are in control of your body, your health, and your life.
Empower yourself with knowledge and take action.