Not All Symptoms Are "Detox Symptoms"

People often ask me what I do and my latest response is that I'm a "personal janitor".  I help people reverse chronic disease naturally by unclogging their body.  It's not a glamorous title but I enjoy guiding people during their detoxification journey.

This testimonial is from a man who had sworn off medical doctors, was detoxing on his own, and had emailed me several months ago about scheduling a detox consultation. I included it here because even though I believe wholeheartedly in the healing power of Nature and the detoxification process, there can be a place for the expertise and talents of medical doctors and surgeons, especially when conditions are acute or allowed to progress for long periods of time without being addressed. And while on the path towards natural healing, not everything can be considered a "detox symptom".

That's why it's often a good idea to work with a guide, especially in the beginning, to help you through the detox process and make suggestions along the way.

"Dear LaShanda --- You may like to know that you were absolutely right, and as a result I am alive today to write to you. During an April correspondence, you suggested I see an allopathic doctor because you intuited something was going on with my detox fast that wasn't right. Well, I did, and here I sit, fortunately alive and in my home and my loving wife's arms, following heart surgery and 32 days in hospital. 
My valve was invaded by a bug of some rare type the family of which was building a mansion. My valve was almost totally closed off. That is why i was feeling so extraordinarily and increasingly tired. A trip to ER, and here I am now with a pig valve.

I have to say, LaShanda, your prescient observation likely saved my life. I was thinking it was part of the de-tox fast (then in it's fourth month). My energy level was plummeting... It was particularly confusing because this was simultaneous to the raw foods detox diet. But you saw there was something else going on, suggested I see a regular doctor, which I begrudgingly did, and here I sit alive to see another day. Each day from now on will be an especial blessing. Seize the day. Love one another."


LaShanda Greene is a Holistic Health Practitioner Certified in Detoxification and has spent the past 3 years educating people and guiding them on their detoxification and healing journeys.  She routinely offer easy to understand wisdom about how the body works, how the body heals, and the process of detoxification.  She is based in Oakland, California, but consults with clients located in all parts of the world.