Everyone and Everything Has a Purpose

Every single thing on this planet has a purpose.  

It's an unavoidable natural law.

You wouldn't be here if there wasn't a reason for your existence.  This includes birds, bees, fungus, bacteria.  And yes, humans.   It is my belief that when we are born, it's because the planet needed something particular at that time, and we were endowed with unique gifts and abilities to help us realize our purpose and ultimately fulfill that need or should I say needs -- as there's so many ways to ultimately be of service.

Don't ever let anyone make you believe that you don't matter and that you are not extremely valuable to the world.  Discover your gifts and use them in the world to help others. 

And on that note, don't ever let anyone make you believe that any part of your body is "unnecessary".  That would defy the natural law that everything has a purpose.  It doesn't matter how many degrees or titles they have.  Nature doesn't make mistakes and always operates with Divine Intelligence.  We are given organs and glands that play very important roles in our body (even if Science hasn't figured all of that out yet) and removing them has a negative ripple effect on our health over time.

Our tonsils filter out harmful substance from the head and neck area and without them the body's ability to eliminate waste suffers, and cells in those areas degenerate more quickly -- often resulting in degenerative eye conditions, chronic sinus issues, degenerative brain conditions, hyper/hypo-thyroidism, etc.  The gallbladder helps us digest fats and when it's removed, a significant strain is placed on the rest of our digestive organs, and our ability to nourish all of the cells in our body from the food we eat is significantly compromised.  Our appendix plays a role is filtering out harmful substances in our GI tract, as well as maintaining a reserve of good bacteria.  After years of telling people the appendix had no real function, Science has recently discovered that "maybe" it was wrong (see article).  The article also goes on to make the following statement:

The (appendix) theory led Gary Huffnagle, a University of Michigan internal medicine and microbiology professor, to wonder about the value of another body part that is often yanked: “I’ll bet eventually we’ll find the same sort of thing with the tonsils.”

Science is always trying to catch up to what Nature already knows.  You need all your body parts for optimal wellness and health.  It is your job to keep your organs and glands healthy.  And if for some reason you fall asleep on the job, know that you have options outside of surgery and radiation.  

In the words of Life Regenerator Dan McDonald, "Don't cut it out, clean it out!"



LaShanda Greene is a Holistic Health Practitioner Certified in Detoxification and has spent the past 3 years educating people and guiding them on their detoxification and healing journeys.  She routinely offer easy to understand wisdom about how the body works, how the body heals, and the process of detoxification.  She is based in Oakland, California, but consults with clients located in all parts of the world.