The Secret of Regeneration is....Energy

I've been blessed to be introduced to Detoxification and Regeneration, an alternative healing path that not only is easy to understand and apply, but that offers amazing results and profound insight into how the body naturally regenerates itself.  The detoxification protocols I work with are powerful and leverage the simplicity of how Nature operates, incorporating biology, chemistry, and physics.  Tissue regeneration is possible and ENERGY is at the core of that regeneration.  

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Did you know that everything in the Universe including humans are pure energy at their very core, and that you are an electrical being that runs on energy?

Did you know that your environment, your lifestyle, every thought and emotion, and everything you put in or on your body is either giving you energy or stealing your energy?

In his clinical practice my mentor Dr. Morse has had success with nerve regeneration with clients on all fruit diets, but noticed that the same results couldn't be achieved on diets of raw or cooked vegetables.  So what's the difference?  Regeneration requires energy, but not the kind that's measured by calories.  The electro-magnetic energy in the food you eat can actually be measured as noted in the chart below from Dr. Robert Morse's book, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook:

Energy of Foods
Fresh raw fruits - 8,000 to 10,000 angstroms
Vegetables (fresh, raw) - 8,000 to 9,000 angstroms
Milk (fresh, raw) - 8,500 angstroms 
Vegetables (cooked) - 4,000 to  6,500 angstroms
Milk (pasteurized) - 2,000 angstroms
Cheese - 1,800 angstroms
Refined white flour - 1,500 angstroms
Cooked meats - 0 angstroms

Body Frequencies
Human (average) - 6,500 angstroms
Cancer Patients (generally) - 4,875 angstroms

And I'm assuming processed foods have pretty much no energy in them.  Have you ever thought about your diet from an energetic perspective?  If energy were classified as a "nutrient", how nutritious is your current diet?  If you were simply eating in alignment with your energetic needs, what might your ideal diet look like?


And take a look at this chart from Dr. Jerry Tennant's book Healing is Voltage:

Tennant Cells.png

For me, there were three major takeaways from this chart:

1) There's a direct correlation between the pH of cells (acid/alkaline) and the energetic charge of cells.  Acidic environment = low energy = unhealthy cells.


2) Chronic disease, including cancer, is always characterized by cells that are acidic and energetically depleted (or reversed).

3) There's a certain threshold of energy that's required for healing and regeneration or to "make new" cells.





 And according to Dr. Tennant, everytime your cellular voltage drops, you get:

1) Chronic pain
2) Inability of cells to do their job 
3) Waste buildup
4) Diminished Oxygen
5) Inefficient metabolism
6.) Bugs having lunch (i.e. parasites)

This has huge health implications for the majority of folks who are chronically low on energy and surviving on pastries, red bull, and coffee!   It's directly tied to the scores of people in chronic pain and suffering from chronic health conditions.  


"Energy" is the fundamental core difference between whether you are dead or alive, and whether you're simply treating symptoms or actually regenerating tissue.   Doctors don't understand tissue regeneration because they are trained to understand the body from a bio-chemical perspective and don't understand how the body works from an energetic perspective.   Energy-based healing therapies are often ignored or dismissed by doctors because they simply don't fit into how they were trained to understand the body in medical school.  But if we look at Western Medicine's bleak statistics in terms of finding real cures and reversing chronic disease, it's obvious that a huge paradigm shift is needed.

I believe that the detoxification protocols I work with have such amazing results in reversing chronic disease, because they feed the body pure energy (magnetic energy, herbs, raw foods,(especially fruits that have some of the highest electromagnetic measurements) while simultaneously freeing the body from everything blocking its flow of self-healing energy, through the process of detoxification.   One of the biggest stealers of energy is congestion, toxins, and waste in the tissues of the body that drain or obstruct energy flow.  

A few key points to highlight:

1) Your current energy levels are a direct reflection of the systemic energy of the cells in your body and therefore a un-biased indication of the functional health of your internal organs and glands. Masking this fact with external stimulants, OTC meds, or pharmaceutical drugs does nothing to repair and recharge your cells.  

2) Take someone to get acquainted with your true energy levels without the external stimulants.  This is the real you.  Adjust accordingly.

3) Make sure your health practitioner believes in the body's ability to heal and regenerate itself, given the proper environment and raw materials.   Health practitioners who don't believe this often suggest the removal of vital organs and glands, will tell you that whatever you have is incurable, and they consider taking pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of your life to often be the "only" option.  If regenerating your body is the goal, the first step is finding someone to work with who believes it's possible.

4) And last but not least, m
ake sure that any diet, health or healing program you participate in acknowledges the importance of detoxification and is ultimately aligned with your new understanding of yourself as an energetic being, as well as the basic requirements for healthy cellular function and regenerating cells and tissue.