Life Exists in The Eternal Now

"We do not need to live in fear of nature's laws and the creatures that uphold them.  We must simply learn how nature works.  Parasites do not create or cause disease, they are only feeders.  We often forget who created everything, and that this Creator knew just what to do and how to make things work.  A look into the wonders of the physical body should make a believer out of anyone.

Just stop a minute and consider:  "What gives you your awareness?"  Not the thought processes of learning, comparing, or deciding, but the awareness behind the thought -- the you that is you whether you're in a car, at the beach, or at home; the you that you can't escape from no matter where you go.

You are always present, for time is nothing more than a succession of Nows.  You, as awareness, always live in the present moment.  The mind, however, lives in time -- past and future.

Take time to observe yourself.  Learn to relax.  Control your thinking process.  Stop desiring so much, and learn to live each moment fully.  Enjoy and experience each moment for what that moment brings; then enjoy the next moment for what that moment brings.  Living in the past or future is living a "dead" life.  Life truly exists only in the eternal now."

~ Dr. Robert Morse, N.D.