The Link Between Detoxification and Conscious Eating

I love inspiring stories of health and healing, don't you?

I came across this couple recently who made a conscious decision to literally transform their bodies, their health, and their lives, by changing their diet and that's powerful!  The couple started out with a vegan diet,  eventually tried out a cleansing raw vegan diet, and intuitvely stuck with it based on observable improvements with their weight, energy, and health levels.  Stories like this give other people the inspiration to get started with eating healthier, and move out of the inertia that keeps them stuck in the same patterns and habits year after year.  

However, I find it fascinating that most of my detox clients come to me seeking remedy for their health issues, and at the same time, most of them claim to eat pretty "healthy" already.   And for the most part,  they don't recognize the disconnect between those two things!  

You'd be amazed at the variety of ways people describe a "healthy diet".   Some people describe it as small portions, others as caloric restrictions, others as only indulging on the weekends, or not eating fast food, and others as not doing mocha lattes every morning!  The common theme however is that even under the guise of healthy eating, most people are simply not consciously aware of what they're putting into their bodies 3 times a day, 7 days a week.

I'm not a strict "raw vegan" or "vegan" personally, but my diet consists of a lot of raw fruits and vegetables and hardly any dairy or animal protein. I'm not a fan of diet labels because you can be "vegetarian" and eat nothing but refined carbs (i.e. breads, pastas, etc.) and dairy products, or you can be "vegan" and still eat tons of processed foods and hardly any fruits and vegetables.

I'm mostly a fan of eating intuitively and eating consciously.  BUT (and this is a big BUT), I find that level of awareness and intuition only becomes heightened, after the body is cleansed of toxins at a deep level.  At that point, you can really begin to distinguish cravings and emotional eating, from what the body wants and needs as fuel.  And with an internally cleansed environment, you can also start to readily feel what the wheat, dairy, meat, high fructose corn syrup, etc. are doing to your body in real-time, while before, most people are physically numb to the effects until they reach critical mass stage and health symptoms appear.

I wanted to offer that perspective based on what I've observed time and again with clients, and also with myself.  This topic comes up over and over in conversation, and many people have strong opinions on this subject, but those same people generally have not had the experience of detoxifying their body and seeing how that process could significantly impact their diet choices.  

So I really don't like to get into conversations with people on which diet is "best", until they've cleansed their body.  I've found consistently, that when people detox, they naturally eat differently, they have less cravings, deficiencies disappear, and they intuitively move away from heavier foods, and gravitate towards more and more plant based foods and raw foods, after the cleanse.   And that's a phenomenon that I hope everyone experiences -- not just a change in diet; but an expansion of clarity, intuition, and awareness that reconnects people with Nature and naturally guides the body back into balance and well-being.  


LaShanda Greene is a holistic health educator, specializing in detoxification and cellular regeneration.  She is the founder of Higher Purpose Healing and after reversing many of her own health issues, she now helps others overcome their health challenges naturally through diet and lifestyle change, so that they can live with more health, vitality, and purpose.  She offers detoxification consultations and powerful herbal detoxification programs to restore health and vitality to the body.