A Day In The Life of a Vibrational Human Being

I don't know about you, but I find the fact that I'm not just a bunch of cells and chemical components, absolutely fascinating.  The idea that I am a living, vibrating, bundle of energy just like everything else in the Universe, is the most exciting thing I've learned in my adult life.  I've been throwing around terms like "energy", "frequency", "vibes", and "resonance" for quite awhile now, but I'll admit that the concepts have always seemed a bit abstract.  

Even though I could feel the "vibes" people were putting out, I couldn't point to anything solid.

Even though I could feel my energy shift after I meditated, I couldn't see it.  

Even though I could tell when a client shifted frequencies from one visit to another, I couldn't measure it.  

So when I found out that the human biofield (i.e. energy field around the human body) was being scientifically studied and measured in other countries, I became passionately obsessed with finding a technology that would help me and my clients discover more of who we truly are.  

The Biopulsar technology has allowed me to see myself as energy.  It's given me a visual understanding of how I'm flowing my energy through my body, how my daily spiritual practices affect my energy field, what activities deplete my energy, and more.

So I thought I'd invite you in to my experience and show you what my bio-field looks like on a typical day.  I won't be going into an analysis of all the colors in this post, because I want you to allow your intuition to sense what's going on in the pictures. 

I also want you to reflect on the idea that as you're sitting in front of your computer or phone, you are emitting a swirling rainbow of colors that represent your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and physical well being.  And if you were to look up at all the other people in the room, they would be simultaneously radiating different colors of light as well.  You could probably tell who was having a bad day (or a bad year) just by observing the colors floating just above their head.  There's so much going on in this human experience, that we're not fully aware of!

Leave me a comment below to let me know your thoughts!  I'd love to hear from you.



Just woke up after a good night's sleep.  Rolled over, plugged in my laptop and measured my biofield.  Wondering to myself if this is what "bed head" looks like energetically?  Hee hee.

9:05 am

This shot happened right after I finished my pranayamas and my daily breathwork practice called Sudarshan Kriya.  I've been doing this every day for 8 years simply based on a deep knowing that it was good for me and that I felt worse or off when I stopped.  I like the pink, purple, and yellow "Don King" action that I have shooting out of my head, don't you?

9:35 am

This shot is post sudarshan kriya and post morning smoothie, getting ready to start my day.  It's fun to know that this is how I'm going out into the world to interact with people energetically.  These are the vibes that people will feel when they are in my presence.  This is what the Universe is responding to, in terms of what experiences I'm attracting into my life.

12:10 pm

I took this shot right after ending one of my favorite dance classes -- 5 Rhythms.   Two hours of freestyle dancing to great music surrounded by super friendly people.  I always feel great when I leave dance class -- like I've experienced a major frequency shift.  Now it's cool to know what that looks like energetically.

9:05 pm

It's been a busy day.  Driving around Los Angeles, dealing with traffic.  Picking up food from Whole Foods for a dinner party.  Checking email.  Attending said dinner party.  Talking to tons of people.  Karaokee involving Donna Summers and Olivia Newton John.  And now I'm home, feeling happy but tired.


This is me after finishing my 20 minute evening meditation practice called Sahaj Samadhi.  Starting to feel rejuvenated and mentally more alert.  It's nice to know I have a long list of powerful tools in my toolbelt to navigate the ups and down of everyday life and raise my vibration when my energy gets low.  

But what about you dear reader?

Are you aware of where you're vibrating?

And do you have tools in your life to help you maintain your life force energy when it becomes depleted?


LaShanda Greene is a Wellness Consultant based in Los Angeles, CA.  She is passionate about empowering people to discover their true Divine nature and live a joy-filled life.  Her wellness practice features The Biopulsar, a cutting edge biofeedback technology that measures the bio-field of individual organs and the bio-field (i.e. aura) surrounding the body.  She offers holistic assessments and recommendations to help clients raise their vibration and take back their health.