Understanding the Process of Disease

I've recently come up with a way of explain how I define health, and how I believe disease is created and reversed in the body, in relation to energy/vibration.  I strongly believe energy/vibration is the missing link in understanding how illness is created and how the body heals itself, and it is also the key to developing more customized solutions for people experiencing health challenges.

How I Define Health

-Unrestricted energy flow throughout the body
-Dominant positive vibration (even if vibration sometimes dips in relation to certain subjects)
-Emotional imbalances are experienced, detected through awareness, and addressed quickly

Creation of Disease

  1. Stress is experienced (stress means any consistent or acute/strong negative emotion such as fear, worry, powerlessness, grief, etc.)
  2. Energy flow is interrupted/lowered/restricted in one or more parts of the body (any negative emotion restricts energy flow in the body)
  3. Disrupted energy flow leads to imbalance (i.e. hyper/hypo function of physical bodily processes -- especially waste elimination, and changes in cellular function and DNA/genetic expression)
  4. Experience of physical symptoms due to significant or chronic dysfunction of body's activities (a.k.a disease)

Regaining Health

1.  Implementation of one or more of the following elements to bring body back into balance

Detox - Can include colon cleansing, liver cleansing, kidney cleansing, lymphatic cleansing, raw food diet, saunas, ingestion of detox supplements, etc.

Energetic imbalances cause the breakdown or interruption of the body's natural waste elimination capabilities and allow toxins, populations of bad bacteria, etc. to build up.  Detox methods can help address the wastes/toxins that have been allowed to accumulate during prolonged periods of imbalance.

Oxygen - Can include deep breathing, exercise, ingesting oxygen drop supplements, hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions, being more in Nature, etc.

Breath is the basis of life and oxygen and restriction of energy flow, restricts the flow of oxygen to cells, as well as limits their ability to absorb oxygen.  Increasing oxygen flow will help to restore life to the body to address prolonged periods of imbalance.

Nutrition - Can include diet changes that temporarily or permanently increase natural nutrients from plant-based foods in the diet (raw or cooked) and naturally decrease the ingestion of foods that are toxic, acidic, or have a congesting effect on the body.  Can also include taking a variety of nutritional supplements.

After studying many cases of successful self-healing, one of most common factors is always diet change.  Food is not only a source of bio-chemical nutrients, it's also a source of energetic nutrients.  The type of food you eat can bring you back into balance or exacerbate existing energetic balances due to stress/negative emotion.

Energy - Can include addressing negative emotion/stress experienced, positive focus, seeking out  joyful experiences or anything that improves a person's vibration and moves them up the Emotional Scale.   Can include healing modalities that improve energy flow throughout the body such as yoga, Qi-Gong, massage, tai-chi, chiropractic adjustments, etc.  Can also include direct energy therapies such as Reiki, magnetic therapy, energetic frequencies imprinted in water, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, sound frequency therapies, etc.

Energy is the most important category for three reasons:  1) all physical symptoms started on a vibrational/energetic level, 2) all cellular functions and bodily processes (including waste elimination, immune defense, etc.) are determined by how well energy is flowing in the body, and 3) emotion is the largest factor in controlling energy flow in the body.  If you can improve energy flow through addressing negative emotion, focusing your thoughts in a more positive manner, or slowing down the momentum of negative thoughts (i.e. meditation),  you will easily and quickly create the environment necessary for all of the body's natural healing abilities to come back online quickly and efficiently.

2.  By implementing one or more of the above elements, energy restrictions are removed/eased and energy flow returns to the body.  

3.  Homeostasis returns to the body, cellular function returns to normal, waste elimination improves, and physical symptoms dissipate.

The disease process and related physical symptoms are nothing to be feared and it's simply the body's sign of communicating that you have created chaotic and restrictive energy patterns within your body that are not serving you, that are keeping your organs and glands from functioning properly, and that the imbalance needs to be addressed.  

There are many options to choose from when developing a wellness game plan and implementing the elements above.  The Cyberscan biofeedback machine can determine which foods, healing elements, supplements, etc. are a vibrational match to your energy and will best assist your body into coming back into balance more quickly.  This technology will also help you determine which psychological and emotional stress patterns are currently active and promoting imbalance in your body.  

LaShanda is a Holistic Health Educator, specializing in using advanced biofeedback technologies to help people understand the physical and emotional root causes of their health issues, as well as providing customized healing solutions that are a vibrational match to a person’s unique energy field.    She offers Cyberscan consulting services and reports to clients all over the world, via hair sample submission.