The Frequency of Wellness

I've been posting a few things about the body's energy field lately and the most common question people ask me is, "what do all the colors mean?"  

The Biopulsar's hand sensor measures the signals from the reflex zones of the left/right hand's palm. The absorption of the signals is done by putting the hand on a set of gold plated sensor pegs furnished on an electronic circuit board. Opposite to the Kirlian photography method that works with high frequencies, only low frequency currents are used on the Biopulsar for the measurements of the skin resistance.

The colors are related to how electromagnetic energy is flowing through the body -- how slow/fast it's moving and how balanced the energy is.  The image to the right shows the lower frequency/slow moving waves of energy on the right side of the scale (e.g. red, orange, etc.) and the higher frequency/fast moving waves of energy of the left side of the scale (e.g. purple, blue, etc.)

The different colors in the auric field represent the diverse tapestry of your personality traits, psychological and emotional patterns, levels of spiritual consciousness, as well as tendencies of organs in the body to be hyperactive or hypoactive, as all of these things are connected.  So the aura is a visual picture of mind, body, and spirit.  It is a real-time snapshot of how you are flowing your energy at the time of your energy scan.  

Energy patterns can change based on thoughts, emotions, diets, your environment, stress levels, and holistic daily activities.  Very low or high frequency readings often indicate chronic patterns mentally/physically that need to be addressed, so that's where I focus during client sessions.  But subsequent scans are recommended to identify even more patterns in your energy field that go beyond day to day fluctuations.

When using the Biopulsar technology to measure the body's energy flow, the optimal color for the body's energy field is turquoise.  This represents optimal cellular function and communication and balanced energy flow.  This is the color and frequency of harmony and wellness in the body.  The more the body's energy is balanced, the more health and vitality and peace an individual can expect to experience.  

The optimal color for the energy field of brain/head area is turquoise or a higher frequency color (white, pink, indigo, blue, etc.)  Higher frequency colors generally represent chronic patterns of positive thought and operating at higher levels of spiritual consciousness and intuition.  I'll go into the meaning of these different colors in the brain area, in a future blog post.

Here is a general breakdown of what the Biopulsar measurements/colors mean, but only on the level of the physical body, as the metaphysical (i.e. thoughts and emotions) meaning of the colors will vary for each individual organ and gland and is better to be discussed on an individual basis.  

Because all physical health issues show up as energetic balance before they manifest in the body, understanding how you're flowing your energy and what activities balance and imbalance your cells are essential to achieving and maintaining wellness.

Body Area:  Very high physical/congested energy; over-activity; initial stage of organ stress
Body Area:  High energy collection/congested energy; over-activity; initial stage of organ stress

Body Area:  Moderately high physical energy; initial stage of organ stress
Body Area:  Optimal physical energy, total feeling of harmony and balance
GREEN (5-6)
Body Area:  Average to moderately average physical energy; balanced and good organ energy

YELLOW (4-5)
Body Area:  Minimal energy deficiency; beginning of second stage of organ stress

ORANGE (3-4)
Body Area:  Energy deficiency; possible weakened immunity, mucus formation, swelling
RED (2-3)
Body Area:  Physical energy deficiency; inclination to inflammation/pain, tiredness
Body Area:  Strong energy deficiency; inclination to inflammation/pain and hypo-activity of cells
GREY (0-1)
Body Area:  Extreme energy deficiency, inclination to inflammation/pain & hypo-activity of cell