How Energy Medicine Helped Me Realize I Was Stressing Out My Spleen

When you happen to own a biofeedback device that measures energetic imbalances in all the organs and glands, I’m sure you can imagine that it’s hard to avoid scanning yourself everyday. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for almost a year.  Sure, I miss some days, but I have accumulated a lot of data points over the past twelve months and made some fascinating discoveries about my body and the connection between the mind and body.

When I scan a client the first time, I look for frequency colors that are low, because that gives me an indication of some of the areas of accumulated toxicity and vibrational patterns that the person has going on that are negatively impacting their physical body.   Lower frequency colors usually indicate weakness, exhaustion, poor function, inflammation, imbalance, mucus accumulation, etc.  I don’t provide feedback on other areas of the body in the initial session, because I know the scan is just a snapshot of the energy at that time and could be influenced by what kind of day a person is having or a significant experience that occurred in the past 24 hours. 


What I Discovered From the BioPulsar

However, having multiple scans over time allows me to track patterns in the body’s energy flow, because organs that are weak, due to ongoing vibrational patterns will consistently show up with lower frequency colors. 

One of the things that I noticed during my initial scans that my spleen energy was low.  It hardly ever showed up as balanced, which would be indicated by green or turquoise color.  It showed up as yellow generally which means mild energy deficiency.  I also noticed that after large meals and around my menstrual cycle, the frequency color of my spleen tended to turn orange.   I also noted that when my spleen energy was weak, the circulation in my arms and legs also showed up in a low frequency color about 80% of the time.    

The final thing I began to notice after months of measurement, was that my spleen energy dropped to one of the lowest frequencies when I became overwhelmed and stressed.  I’ve been meditating for ten years, but I still have my "moments". 

One of the times I noticed this was when I was thinking about leaving a temporary position before the end of my contract date earlier this year, I underwent a significant amount of psychological stress making this decision.  I knew it was the best decision for me, but I didn’t want to let anyone down.  During that period of indecision, I was on assignment in Phoenix and my body actually shut down and I had to leave work early.  For the first time in my life, I was in bed with severe fatigue and chills for 12 hours.  I gave my notice the next day.   My spleen energy also hit red when I moved into a new apartment and later on when I was having roommate issues.

To Recap What I learned from the Biopulsar:

  • My spleen was generally weak and I didn’t know it because I had no discernable physical symptoms
  • My spleen energy seemed to become depleted after digesting large meals
  • My spleen weakness was somehow connected to my poor circulation
  • My spleen energy became exhausted during periods of high stress.

The spleen has important roles in the body.  It purifies the blood by recycling old red blood cells and it is a lymphatic organ, so it plays a role in keeping the immune system strong.  White blood cells are stored in the spleen and help protect your body from invasion by bacteria, viruses, and fungi, as well as from abnormal cells and other foreign substances.   

If you had asked me previously whether I had a problem with my spleen, I would have said no.  And some of the symptoms that I had, that I was aware of (e.g. poor circulation), I would have never directly associated with my spleen.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Spleen Energy

I also learned from looking into Traditional Chinese Medicine (which has a philosophy based in energy (i.e. chi) flow in the body) that the spleen is responsible for circulating nutrients to the muscles and tissues.  If the spleen is weak, then the muscles and limbs are not nourished and become weak and tired.  TCM recommends properly chewing food, establishing a regular meal schedule, as well as avoiding snacking and overeating to avoid making spleen chi deficiency worse.  My scans had let me know that the energy levels in all my digestive organs decrease after a heavy meal, including my spleen.

TCM also associates all organs with an emotion and the emotion of the spleen is “Worry”.  Excessive worry depletes spleen energy and a weakened spleen can decrease our ability to think clearly and focus, leading to more worry.  This also seemed to correlate perfectly with what I had noticed with my scans.

Cross Referencing with the Cyberscan

Another energy biofeedback device I started working with this year is the Cyberscan.   It has a database of thousands of energetic signatures of physical and emotional states, and after scanning a person, can determine whether a person’s individual energetic signature, matches items in the database. 

One of things that showed up significantly on my scan was issues with my blood and white blood cells, which point to the spleen/circulation issues.  The device also scanned a large number of nutritional remedies and highly recommended spleen and circulation herbal formulas for me:

But the most interesting insight, was learning that I had two teeth that wereshowing up as disrupting my spleen energy.   After getting my report, I started to pinpoint that the gum area around Tooth 14 was indeed occasionally sensitive depending on how well I was doing with daily flossing.   If this concept is new to you, dental issues with the teeth, gums, etc. can negatively affect the physical body and be a commonly overlooked cause in many chronic health issues.  the chart below illustrates how each tooth is associated with organs/glands in the body.  


Moving Forward

I’ve stocked up on herbal formulas for my spleen and placed it in the category of supplements to take regularly.  After a month of taking the spleen and circulation herbs recommended by the Cyberscan, I noticed a lighter menstrual flow and dark blood clots during that time disappeared, as well as improvements in digestion.   I’ve also been working on not overeating during meals and taking steps to avoid worrying and psychological stress whenever possible by implementing new tools to combat stress in addition to meditation.  I haven’t visited a dentist yet.  When I have space to do it consistently, I plan to try coconut oil pulling for 1-2 months to see if that helps things, but if not, I will visit a holistic dentist and see if they can help identify any underlying infections/issues in my mouth.  I'll post any related updates.

I’m grateful that working with energy medicine technology has given me more insight into my health and root causes of my health symptoms.  I believe this technology has the ability the change the future of medicine forever.  I look forward to more discoveries in the future.


LaShanda is a Holistic Health Educator, specializing in using advanced biofeedback technologies to help people understand the physical and emotional root causes of their health issues, as well as providing recommendations for health/detox supplements and healing modalities that are shown to resonate with a person’s individual energy field.    She offers Cyberscan consulting services and reports to clients all over the world, via hair sample submission.