Your body can heal itself.   Let the truth of that statement resonate in every cell of your body!

See below for examples of people who activated their body's natural ability to heal itself through detoxification and diet/lifestyle changes.

"Change Your Diet, Change Your Life"  Story #1 - Reversed Stage 3 Breast Cancer

"Nobody told me about nutrition. Nobody told me that was there an alternative. Nobody told that there was any other route but chemo, radiation, and surgery. I asked my doctor, do I need to

change my diet, do I need to eat more organic, and she told me no. She said there's no clinical data that proves it makes a difference and it's more of a psychological thing that people feel like they're more in control when they watch what they eat, but it makes no difference in affecting the cancer...and if you want to eat a donut, then eat a damn donut."




"Change Your Diet, Change Your Life"  Story #2 - Reversed Ovarian Cancer

"I did not focus on the disease. I focused on strengthening the liver so that it would clean the blood, take the toxins out, and discharge them. I focused on strengthening the pancreas, kidneys, the blood system and all the other organs...and naturally the ovaries went back to health. I didn't focus on cancer. I didn't focus on the problem, I focused on the solution."  ~Evita

"My message is try everything you can naturally before, so that you never regret.  And medical procedures such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and so on -- they are the last resort."  ~ Evita


"Change Your Diet, Change Your Life" Story #3  - Reversed Diabetes

"I did some tests on my own body and fruit sugars when eaten with fiber don't affect my blood sugar, or affect it very little, and as a result, I can eat fruits....if i ate whole fruit or blended it in a blender and kept the fiber still in tact, my blood sugar was ok and I could eat as much fruit as I wanted."  ~ Sergei



"Change Your Diet, Change Your Life" Story #4 - Reversed M.S.

"I remember a day when I thought I would rather die, than have this illness and now I can't believe I'm looking back on it and saying oh my god, I'm so glad this happened to me! I would never know what I know now, and feel the way I feel right now, if this awful thing hadn't happen to me."  ~Rosemary

"Change Your Diet, Change Your Life" Story #5  - Reversed Epileptic Seizures

Tanner went from severe depression, suicide attempts, grand mal seizures every month, and auras (pre-cursors to seizures) daily, to being completely seizure free and happy in life. 

"Change Your Diet, Change Your Life" Story #6  - Reversed Stage 3 Colon Cancer

Chris Ward shares his short and powerful testimony of how he refused chemotherapy and survived stage 3 colon cancer.