CyberScan | The Future of Medicine is Energy


Cybernetic Biofeedback is a state-of-the-art technology that measures the energetic communication between our body and immune system, to pinpoint any disturbances or imbalances present -- on the physical level or on the subtle energetic levels of mind and spirit. With this information, we are able to develop more effective and individualized health strategies for each client, saving time and money while restoring balance and equilibrium to the entire system. 

CyberScan is an FDA Approved quantum physics-based cybernetic medical device made 100% in Germany. It scans the morphogenetic (form-holding) energy fields surrounding every cell in the body of a living being. It can pinpoint imbalances or disturbances within the client and subsequently make recommendations for balancing, based on this information.

The CyberScan Professional Biofeedback System helps clients manage and retrain physical and emotional imbalances, educates clients on crucial information about stress, and empowers them to make lifestyle changes to support overall health and well-being.  Clients using CyberScan services have reported benefits on all levels of well-being: physical, emotional and mental. 


1.  Where is the Cyberscan manufactured?



2.  What makes the  Cyberscan different from other biofeedback machines?

There is a quantum field of energy that connects everything in the Universe.  This energy field is readable by quantum devices like the Cyberscan that contain scalar wave technology.


3.  How is the Cyberscan connected to Nikola Tesla?

The Cyberscan was not designed by Nikola Tesla, but it contains two flattened Tesla Coils that allows it to assess quantum energy fields.


4.  How are you able to run reports remotely by just using a hair sample?

Your hair sample has an energy field that contains the same data that is contained in the energy field surrounding your body.  With quantum technology, an in-person scan, is the same as scanning a hair sample.


5.  What's the difference between a regular laboratory testing a hair sample, and the Cyberscan testing a hair sample?

The regular laboratory is looking at the chemistry of the hair sample and determining what chemicals can be measured in the hair sample with standard technology and it's impact on the biology of the body.  The Cyberscan is not measuring the chemistry or biology of the hair sample.  It is measuring the energy frequencies within the sample and comparing it to frequencies stored in its database.


6.  How can emotions be measured from a hair sample?  

Thoughts and emotions have frequencies.  Anger has a frequency.  Happiness has a frequency.   The thought "I am scared of dogs" has a frequency, which is different from the frequency of the thought "I am scared of heights".  The Cyberscan has a large database of thousands of frequencies and uses quantum technology to assess the energetic imbalances within your body and compare it to its database.  


7. Do you perform DNA testing?

No, the Cyberscan does not perform conventional DNA testing, although both forms of testing can use hair samples.  The concepts are somewhat similar, but the testing approach, testing protocol, and technology used are very different.

Over time, science has been able to invent technology that can read and decode certain genetic markers and determine their function in the body, and then test for certain codes/sequences using hair, blood, etc.  

We are at a new level of invention, where today's technology can read and decode energetic frequencies in the body, and test for certain frequencies using hair, blood, etc.   Information that was deemed to be only accessible by evaluating DNA, is now being assessed in other ways like measuring frequencies.


8.  Can the Cyberscan diagnose a medical condition?

No, the Cyberscan is not used to diagnose or treat medical conditions.  If you are seeking a medical diagnosis, please contact a qualified medical doctor.

However, the Cyberscan can identify the underlying energetic imbalances triggering physical health issues, that have been diagnosed as medical conditions.


9.  Does the Cyberscan only work on adults?

No, the Cyberscan works on all biological organisms.  Depending on the desired report, the energy field of adults, children, animals, and adults can be measured and tested.   For example, the machine can assess the psyche/emotions of a pet or a non-verbal child.