It's important to realize that all physical health issues (including chronic pain) start on the energetic levels of “thought” and “emotion” long before they manifest in the physical body as symptoms.  


The cells in your body contain energy fields, and any negative thought and emotional patterns tend to distort the energy balance in your organs and glands and cause them to behave abnormally (i.e. illness).  Generally, when the energy distortion is addressed, the organs and glands can return to normal function and physical health symptoms tend to improve or reverse.


Nowadays, people are more aware that “stress” is a common factor in all chronic health issues, but a more useful definition of stress is:  “negative thought patterns and negative emotions”. 


Even if you understand the connection between thoughts, emotions, and illness, often the biggest challenge is understanding the specific thought and emotional patterns that are contributing the most to imbalance in your body. 


We all have our “blindspots”, which includes habits of thought we’ve been thinking for so long that they’re second nature, or emotions that we have been experiencing so long, we’ve become numb to their effect.


The Cyberscan Emotional Awareness Report compares the energy frequency of various psychological and emotional patterns to your unique energetic signature to determine which patterns are contributing to physical body imbalances.  You experience numerous thoughts and a wide range of emotions each day, but the specific issues that show up on your report will indicate the specific patterns that are having an imbalancing impact on the body. 

This report demonstrates the cutting edge, unique, quantum nature of the Cyberscan biofeedback technology in that it’s able to assess and analyze your energy field in a way that detects thoughts and emotions.


Items that could potentially show up on your report*:

1)  Psychological Fears

2)  Psychological Traumas (Recent, Childhood, etc.)

3)  Negative Emotions

4)  Process Connection Between Psychological Issue and Symptom (e.g. anxiety triggers dizziness)


(*Note:  Not all of these items will show up on your report.)



*Note:  These are not offered as standalone reports*

In addition to your main report, you will also receive a summary report that will indicate which chakras and which organs/glands in the body are imbalanced by various psychological and emotional patterns.  See below for an excerpt from a summary sample report.

Unlock a New Door In Your Healing Journey

You may have spent lot of time on your journey towards better health engaged in traditional healing methods, only to find you’re not making progress, going backwards, or that an old issue that you tackled years ago has resurfaced.  If you’ve never looked at your thought and emotional patterns as a potential trigger for your health issues, this report may give you the insight you need to take your healing journey to the next level or tackle a physical symptom for good.


Discover The Missing Link in Complex Syndromes

Complex syndromes with seemingly no successful treatments, often have a psychological or emotional component that has gone unaddressed.   If you have gone from practitioner to practitioner and tried ever physical healing method under the sun, this may be the missing link for you.

NEW CLIENT SPECIAL: Mind-Body Consultation
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This option would be if you are interested in understanding which psychological and emotional patterns are creating energetic imbalances and physical health issues and receiving additional guidance on analyzing your report, insight into better understanding the connection between emotions and physical health issues, and feedback on how to use this new awareness to achieve healing.  Report results can relate to current issues or past traumas still causing imbalance in the body.  In addition, personalized affirmations will be included to help you better understand your patterns and/or current limiting beliefs.


  • Cyberscan Emotional Awareness Report
  • Cyberscan Affirmations Report
  • 30 Minutes Wellness Consulting
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Wellness Warrior Package

This package would be if you are interested in understanding which psychological and emotional patterns are the root cause of your physical health issues, as well as seeing which health solutions on the levels of mind, body, and spirit resonate with your energy field.


  • Cyberscan Emotional Awareness Report
  • Cyberscan Affirmations Report
  • Cyberscan Food Sensitivities Report
  • Cyberscan Alternative Healing Therapies Report
  • 60 Minutes Wellness Consulting via Phone