Cyberscan Dr Morse Herbal Supplements Report + Detox Consultation

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Cyberscan Dr Morse Herbal Supplements Report + Detox Consultation



Dr. Morse Herbal Supplements Cyberscan Report

60 Minutes of Consulting via Phone

Note:  The price of this report does not include herbal supplements


This package is for those wishing to undergo a deep tissue detox with Dr. Morse's herbal supplements and would like guidance from a Level II Certified Detox Practitioner, who has trained with Dr. Morse.  The consult would include recommendations on which formulas to select and how to start and navigate the detox process.  

The report will detail which individual herbal supplements will be helpful in bringing your body back into balance.  The database includes Dr. Morse's full herbal inventory (see catalog on website) and supplements are available in the following forms:  alcohol based tincture, capsules, and glycerin based tinctures.

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Your report will be emailed to you within 5 business days of receiving your hair sample. 

Please note that your reports will not be run until your payment is processed and your consent form is received.

Please see the website to download the consent form and guidelines for cutting and sending in a hair sample.