NEW CLIENT SPECIAL: Mind-Body Consultation

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NEW CLIENT SPECIAL: Mind-Body Consultation

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This option would be if you are interested in understanding which psychological and emotional patterns are creating energetic imbalances and physical health issues and receiving additional guidance on analyzing your report, insight into better understanding the connection between emotions and physical health issues, and feedback on how to use this new awareness to achieve healing.  Report results can relate to current issues or past traumas still causing imbalance in the body.  In addition, personalized affirmations will be included to help you better understand your patterns and/or current limiting beliefs.


  • Cyberscan Emotional Awareness Report
  • Cyberscan Affirmations Report
  • 30 Minutes Wellness Consulting
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You will receive a confirmation email when your hair sample has been received.  Your confirmation email will include instructions for scheduling a consulting appointment via phone/online video conferencing.  

Your reports will be emailed to you within 5 business days of receiving your hair sample. 

Please note that your reports will not be run until your payment is processed and your consent form is received.

Please see the website to download the consent form and guidelines for cutting and sending in a hair sample.