Maintenance Detox Kit #2


Maintenance Detox Kit #2


This Detox Kit includes four formulas:  1)  Liver & Gallbladder, 2) Endocrine Gland Tonic, 3) Stomach & Bowel Formula #2, and 4) Kidney & Bladder.  Select this kit if you are currently moving your bowels every other day.


Liver & Gallbladder

An Herbal Tincture of:

* Milk Thistle Seed
* Yellow Dock Root
* Burdock Root
* Oregon Grape Root
* Artichoke Leaf
* Dandelion Root
* Dandelion Leaf
* Gentian Root

This herbal formula was created as an anti-inflammatory, cleanser, enhancer and rebuilder of the liver and gallbladder tissue. Increases iron and iron-carrying capacity of the blood.


Kidney & Bladder I

An Herbal Tincture of:

* Dandelion Leaf
* Cornsilk
* Juniper Berries
* Goldenrod Herb
* Couch Grass Root
* Parsley Leaf
* Horsetail Herb
* Nettle Herb

This herbal formula was created to alkalize (remove inflammation), clean, strengthen, and regenerate the kidneys and bladder tissues. It’s a function enhancer. It was especially designed to increase lymph cleaning throughout the kidney channels.


Endocrine Gland Balance Tonic

An Herbal Tincture of:

* Eleuthero Root
* Kelp
* Astragalus Root
* Chaste Tree Berries
* Saw Palmetto Berries
* Parsley Root
* Alfalfa Leaf
* Prickly Ash Bark

This herbal formula was created to enhance and regenerate the endocrine gland system.


Stomach & Bowels #2

An Herbal Tincture of:

* Slippery Elm Bark
* Marshmallow Root
* Wild Yam Root
* Mullein Leaf
* Chickweed Herb
* Gentian Root
* Plantain Leaf
* Fennel Seed

This herbal formula was created for inflammation, ulceration, and deterioration of the gastro-intestinal tract. It helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the stomach and intestines. This formula is not a laxative but has some stimulation/movement power to it. This formula is for those that move their bowels every other day.

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