Struggling to make sense of all these crazy detox symptoms?

You're not alone.

People who understand body cleansing, understand what detoxification symptoms are.  Medical professionals understand the symptoms that make up what we call disease. But the odd thing is that most detoxification symptoms are also the symptoms used to detect a disease.

They can take the form of fevers (toxins trying to leave through the skin), headaches (too many toxins in the bloodstream), acne (toxins trying to make it out through the skin), tiredness (toxins in the blood), sneezing (toxins trying to make their way out through your nose at 95 miles per hour), coughing (toxins trying to get out of our lungs), vomiting (toxins leaving the body through the stomach), diarrhea (toxins exiting the body in mass through the bowel), rashes (toxins attempting to leave through the skin)... The list really goes on and on.

When we see these symptoms most people think that they are sick, even though it is by removing these toxins that our bodies are trying to make us well. In fact, most all of the swine flu symptoms are actually detoxification symptoms. If you start looking at many disease symptoms through this new lens, you'll be amazed at what you find.

When you understand this, the obvious answer to disease is really to detoxify the body and help the body along with its natural disease elimination methods.

But, because most of the population doesn't currently understand what detoxification symptoms are, when the detoxification symptoms occur, much of the population heads to a drug-oriented doctor, who also doesn't understand detoxification symptoms. The doctor confirms that they are sick, and then puts them on some sort of drug that is designed to stop the symptoms.

But, what those drugs really do is stop the detoxification process and bury the toxicity (the original problem) in the body, where it will often creep back up later. When it creeps back up, it will be seen as another and often more serious problem.

So, with drug therapies, you may feel better initially because you've stopped the detoxification process, but you'll feel worse later. Actually, you'll likely become the target of more serious diseases, without understanding how you and your doctors played a role in the process.

(Source:  NaturalNews)

Written by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D

The  following  are  some  examples   of  the  cleansing  processes  that  we  call  the "Healing  Crisis."   During my 40 years of detoxification experience,  I have witnessed  so many different  levels  and types  of healing  crisis,  that I do not have the space to cover them all.   I have enclosed the most common ones, many of which I have which experienced, first hand, from my own personal detoxification efforts.  I have divided these cleansing processes up into three categories: mild, moderate and strong. Each of these levels may be experienced at one time or another.    However, most people do not experience the "strong" levels.  This all depends upon ones' level of toxicity, combined with their systemic (total body) energies or strength.


1.  Cold and flu-like symptoms

2.  Low-grade fevers (99°-100°Fahrenheit)

3.  Coughing with or without discharge

4.  Clear and yellow mucus discharge from nose or throat (lungs. bronchi, etc.; this may include blood)

5.  Minor aches and pains

6.  Mucus in stools

7.  Mucus in urine

8.  Loss of energy (may go up and down)

9.  Rashes and itching

10. Disease symptoms increasing temporarily

11.  Mucus from eyes

12.  Mild headaches

13.  Minor blurred vision

14.  Minor vertigo

15.  Weight loss (average 8-15lbs. in two weeks. Depends upon level of thyroid weakness.  Can be as little as 2 lbs.)

16. Chills

17. Emotional feelings rising up, such as mild crying, anger or even laughter

18. Short term nose bleeds

19. Some rectal bleeding (hemorrhoids or lesions)

20. Minor blood in urine

21. Etc.






It is always smart to work with a qualified health care practitioner that has had advanced experience with detoxification and its side effects.

I look forward to working with you and assisting you during your detoxification and healing journey.  

Be Well!