Struggling to make sense of all these crazy detox symptoms?

You're not alone.

People who understand body cleansing, understand what detoxification symptoms are.  Medical professionals understand the symptoms that make up what we call disease. But the odd thing is that most detoxification symptoms are also the symptoms used to detect a disease.

They can take the form of fevers (toxins trying to leave through the skin), headaches (too many toxins in the bloodstream), acne (toxins trying to make it out through the skin), tiredness (toxins in the blood), sneezing (toxins trying to make their way out through your nose at 95 miles per hour), coughing (toxins trying to get out of our lungs), vomiting (toxins leaving the body through the stomach), diarrhea (toxins exiting the body in mass through the bowel), rashes (toxins attempting to leave through the skin)... The list really goes on and on.

When we see these symptoms most people think that they are sick, even though it is by removing these toxins that our bodies are trying to make us well. In fact, most all of the swine flu symptoms are actually detoxification symptoms. If you start looking at many disease symptoms through this new lens, you'll be amazed at what you find.

When you understand this, the obvious answer to disease is really to detoxify the body and help the body along with its natural disease elimination methods.

But, because most of the population doesn't currently understand what detoxification symptoms are, when the detoxification symptoms occur, much of the population heads to a drug-oriented doctor, who also doesn't understand detoxification symptoms. The doctor confirms that they are sick, and then puts them on some sort of drug that is designed to stop the symptoms.

But, what those drugs really do is stop the detoxification process and bury the toxicity (the original problem) in the body, where it will often creep back up later. When it creeps back up, it will be seen as another and often more serious problem.

So, with drug therapies, you may feel better initially because you've stopped the detoxification process, but you'll feel worse later. Actually, you'll likely become the target of more serious diseases, without understanding how you and your doctors played a role in the process.

(Source:  NaturalNews)

Written by Dr. Robert Morse, N.D

The  following  are  some  examples   of  the  cleansing  processes  that  we  call  the "Healing  Crisis."   During my 40 years of detoxification experience,  I have witnessed  so many different  levels  and types  of healing  crisis,  that I do not have the space to cover them all.   I have enclosed the most common ones, many of which I have which experienced, first hand, from my own personal detoxification efforts.  I have divided these cleansing processes up into three categories: mild, moderate and strong. Each of these levels may be experienced at one time or another.    However, most people do not experience the "strong" levels.  This all depends upon ones' level of toxicity, combined with their systemic (total body) energies or strength.


1.  Cold and flu-like symptoms

2.  Low-grade fevers (99°-100°Fahrenheit)

3.  Coughing with or without discharge

4.  Clear and yellow mucus discharge from nose or throat (lungs. bronchi, etc.; this may include blood)

5.  Minor aches and pains

6.  Mucus in stools

7.  Mucus in urine

8.  Loss of energy (may go up and down)

9.  Rashes and itching

10. Disease symptoms increasing temporarily

11.  Mucus from eyes

12.  Mild headaches

13.  Minor blurred vision

14.  Minor vertigo

15.  Weight loss (average 8-15lbs. in two weeks. Depends upon level of thyroid weakness.  Can be as little as 2 lbs.)

16. Chills

17. Emotional feelings rising up, such as mild crying, anger or even laughter

18. Short term nose bleeds

19. Some rectal bleeding (hemorrhoids or lesions)

20. Minor blood in urine

21. Etc.


1. Symptoms of bronchitis or pneumonia

2. Heavy discharges of green to brown mucus from nose and throat (lungs, bronchi, etc.)

3. Pain in joints

4. Heavy discharge from kidneys (urine color changes to brown, orange or dark yellow, etc.)

5. Pain in old injuries or in degenerative areas of the body.

6. Minor paralysis of limbs

7. Chronic fatigue symptoms

8. Nose bleeds

9. Spasms of the lungs in asthma/emphysema/C.O.P.D.

10. Moderate shortness of breath (asthma, emphysema, C.O.P.D.)

11. Temporary increase in tumor size

12. Disease symptoms magnifying (short-lived)

13. Sores appearing on the skin

14. Oozing of innumerable substances from the skin, especially from the hands and feet

15. Bruising

16. Weak muscle breakdown (muscle from meat protein)

17. Heavy mucus discharge from eyes and ears

18. Vomiting

19. Diarrhea

20. Cellulitis "clumping"

21. Dizziness and/or vertigo

22. Minor heart palpitations

23. Loose teeth (minor)

24. Minor abscesses in mouth

25. Migraines

26. High-grade fever (103°-l05°Fahrenheit)

27. Deep coughing (sometimes dry). Use herbs to loosen and eliminate (expectorate) the impacted mucus.

28. Depression or anxieties

29. Emotional releasing (crying, anger. laughter, etc.)

30. Heavy thoughts (lack of clarity)

31. Skin splitting where heavy toxins exist

32. Excessive itching

33. Mercury tooth fillings can be pushed out by the body

34. Rectal bleeding from past or present hemorrhoids or lesions

35. Etc.

You may experience one or several of the above cleansing effects (healing crisis). Don't panic!  You want these.  I love to see dark green mucus coming out of my patients. That's an excellent sign that they are doing the program correctly and are benefiting from it.

It is always smart to work with a qualified health care practitioner that has had advanced experience with detoxification and its side effects.

Most people do not experience the strong level of detoxification described below.  This depends upon the individual and how toxic they are.  And how many medications they're taking is also a factor.  A few people that have chosen to suppress their body's need to cleanse itself, (through steroids like prednisone) have some deeper issues.  However, those who are more likely to experience the above are the chronically toxic (from birth) who manifest cancer, H.I.V. and/or very serious illnesses.


1. Paralysis of any part of the body

2. Black mucus discharges from the lungs

3. Heavy brown discharge or blood in the urine with associated kidney pain

4. Heavy black discharge from the bowels with diarrhea

5. Tumors popping out all over the body

6. Loss of sight

7. Loss of hearing

8. Severe dizziness (or vertigo)

9. Severe fatigue

10. Abscesses developing all through the mouth

11. Loss of fingernails or toenails.

12. Excessive weight loss (this can appear when a pancreatic weakness exists)

13. Severe shortness of breath (use an antispasmodic or inhaler)

14. Temporary deep depression, released through crying, anger, laughter, etc.

15. Mental confusion

16. Skin cracking open

17. Teeth becoming loose (major)

18. Old suppressed symptoms (c.a. "poison ivy") reappear

19. Etc.


Looking For Guidance?  


I can help.

I am a certified detoxification practitioner which multiple years of experience guiding people through detoxification and educating people about the root causes of their health issues.  I offer one-on-one mentoring through my deep tissue detoxification programs designed to cleanse, strengthen, and regenerate every cell and tissue in your body.  As your personal guide, I'll help you understand your body better and distinguish between normal detox symptoms vs. more serious conditions.  Continue reading below to hear about the experiences that clients have had working with me...

What Clients Are Saying...


“LaShanda is attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I felt completely at ease with her during our consultation...I did the full 8 week protocol with her: herbal supplements and a completely raw diet. I’ve done juice fasts, and elimination detoxes before and found this one to be the most healthful and holistic way of detoxing and healing my body over a period of time.”  
~ Jung F.

What Clients Are Saying...


"All I can say is that I do a lot of research myself and usually challenge the views of healthcare practitioners.  But I have to say I am impressed with the amount of knowledge that you possess and your delivery -- confident, yet honest about what you do or do not know.  So I feel very good about working with you."  ~ Dmitriy K.

What Clients Are Saying...

Unknown Male.jpg

My experience working with LaShanda has been amazing. I have tried a lot of different healing modalities and this one, by far, has affected the most change. My thyroid is back on track. I am sleeping soundly through the night. I have lost weight. And I no longer have aches and pains in my back. 

But almost more importantly than the physical healing, the detoxification program has put me in touch with a more spiritual part of myself. It has been a life-changing experience, and I highly recommend LaShanda. She has been through the detox herself, and she is a wonderful guide and mentor. ”  ~ Sara B.


My experience of participating in a raw food diet is one punctuated by lightness and simplicity. I casually spoke with Lashanda about how I wanted to do a cleanse, and she told me that she was actually worked int his area. We sat down and consulted and she provided simple, clear directions. I wanted to feel healthy and light. My diet was not bad, but i just felt lethargic.

The raw food diet kept things simple and brought me back to the basic joy of eating fruit, drinking fresh juice and having lots of greens. I automatically felt more clear and connected to myself. No magic and no counting supplements. Eating colorful, fresh foods allowed me to feel more light and free. I achieved exactly how I wanted to feel and found that increasing my raw food intake allowed me to drop some not so great eating habits that I often abused. I can say, however, that I still love chocolate...Some love affairs never end!

What Clients Are Saying...


The detox improved my energy levels, mental clarity, bowel movements (did you know you’re supposed to have more than one a day?), and awareness of my own health and body. I was vegetarian before the detox but have tried to be more vegan and raw since the detox. I plan on going deeper with regular detoxes with LaShanda’s expert guidance and caring coaching!

I look forward to working with you and assisting you during your detoxification and healing journey.  

Be Well!