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What kind of foods can I eat while on a detoxification program?  Will I get bored?
What do you think about the Master Cleanse?
Isn't this diet a bit extreme?
I don't digest raw foods well...should I still do a cleanse?
Should people with certain types of constitutions stay away from raw foods?
Will cleansing help with tumors and cysts?

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Do you work with clients in other locations?
Are herbs dangerous?   Will they interact with my medications?
If I sign up for your 3 month detoxification program, will I be fully healed at the end of the program?
Do I need to come into your office for the magnetic therapies?
I live in another city, how do I send you and picture of my eyes for an iridology analysis?
My doctor is not a fan of this program.  What do I do?
I've heard that all fruit diets are dangerous and were harmful to Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher?
What are your thoughts on enemas and colonics?
Can you help me identifying the root causes of my health issues without an iridology analysis?

Q: What kind of foods can I eat while on a detoxification program?  Will I get bored? 

A:  In order to get the most from the program, choosing from one of the following diets is recommended:  80%-100% High-Fruit Raw Foods

You will always have the power to choose what you eat after you finish this program, but my role is to  introduce you to the healing available with diet rich in cleansing foods.  During the program, you will have the ability to balance out with some cooked foods every once in awhile.  However, the more raw foods you ingest, the deeper and quicker, the healing and cleansing, and the more successful you will be.   I let clients choose and create their own meal plans because this process is all about you becoming more in tune with your food and your body, so that you can more intuitively select the food you eat.

In addition, you'd be surprised at how many creative and tasty raw food recipes are out there!  Check out the gallery to the left (from my kitchen!) or Raw on $10 a Day and Raw Food Recipes for just a few ideas.

Q: What do you think about the Master Cleanse?

A: The most popular detoxification program that my clients have previously tried is the Master Cleanse, which I ultimately find to be quite restrictive and hard to sustain over longer periods of time.  

Fasting on lemon juice helps to quickly clear out toxins and obstructions from the body, but most clients perform this cleanse with little awareness as to the cause of the obstructions, or why lemons are powerful cleansers.  Nor do they a clear idea of what they're going for and when to stop.  So most people go back to their regular diet and lifestyle with a sense of accomplishment and feeling a bit better, but with little understanding of the detoxification process they went through and how much work is still needed.

If you detoxify your body and in the end still don't understand what caused your body to need cleansing in the first place, then I haven't done my job as an educator. 

Q: Isn't this diet a bit extreme?

A:   Take a look at the long list of side effects (which sometimes includes "death") of pharmaceutical drugs used to "treat" medical conditions.  Or start reviewing the statistics of people who contract illnesses from hospitals, or who don't come out of anesthesia.  And then there are radical surgeries involving stapling stomachs, as well as completely removing and rearranging body parts.  I consider where we are with health and medicine and the level of pain and suffering that people are experiencing, to be a bit extreme.  

So no, I don't think suggesting that we start to eat our food in its natural state to rebuild our health, extreme in any way.  As I mentioned earlier, my role is to introduce to the diet that will help cleanse and regenerate your body.  What you decide to eat when you're not on the program is up to you.

Q: I don't digest raw foods well.  Should I still do a cleanse?

A:   If you don't digest raw foods well right now, then it's even more important that you start the program.  Everyone should be able to process, digest, and absorb foods in their natural, unprocessed state when all the organs, glands, and muscles of the body are healthy and working efficiently.  

If you can't digest your foods, your body is telling you that something isn't functioning properly and needs to be regenerated.  The muscles of your colon might be sluggish/weak, or a host of organs from your pancreas to your liver to your stomach may be under-functioning.  You want to address these weaknesses now before further degeneration occurs. 

We'll work with your current level of digestion, focusing on fresh juices, smoothies, and certain fruits (easiest to digest), and increase more/different raw foods into the diet over time.  And on a personal note, I used to have severe intestinal pain every time I ate an apple, and  now I eat them almost every day with no problems. 

Q: Should people with certain types of constitutions stay away from raw food completely?

A:  Ultimately, I think it's good to find balance and eat intuitively.  But it's important to realize that where you currently find homeostasis and balance in your current eating patterns, is largely determined by how well certain organs and glands are functioning, your current stress levels, and your environment.  When the health of those organs and glands are working more efficiently, you'll find that your eating patterns, your energy levels, and what "feels right" will change.  

Raw foods are for everyone.  There is no reason to be afraid of eating food as it naturally comes from the earth.  This program has been followed by thousands of people around the world.   People's geographic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds may be different and their eating habits or access to fresh produce may vary, but the universal truth that holds true for everyone, is that the body rebuilds itself at amazing levels on raw fruits and vegetables, as opposed to cooked foods.  I've personally tried many different diets outside of and as part of this program, and was absolutely amazed at the difference in results with raw foods.  

My goal is not try to convince anyone that one diet is better than another.  I want you to experience it for yourself.  It's easy to debate about dietary theories and concepts.  It's much harder to dispute actual results and your own personal experience

Q: Will cleansing help with tumors and cysts?

A:  Yes, especially the full body detoxification programs I work with.  But I've know of others that have reversed certain tumors (e.g. fibroids) on a diet of raw foods alone.

Anytime you see fluids starting to build up and pool inside or outside of the body, it indicates that there is an obstruction somewhere in the body and those fluids can't get out through normal channels.  Cleansing helps remove those obstructions and open up those channels.  Note, that if tumors and fibroids become extremely large and the lymph system and kidneys are significantly compromised, sometime it's safer to have them removed surgically