Contemporary physicians tend to view herbal medicine as a some-what primitive approach to healing.  The image of the herbalist envisioned by most scientific doctors is that of the traditional healer or "witch doctor".  It's true that tribal societies administer various herbs and roots indigenous to the geographical region for specific health issues, but this is also the way medicine was practiced by doctors in Europe and Asia for centuries.

From a historical perspective, herbal medicine lies at the very roots of modern pharmaceutical drugs.  Herbs contain various active chemicals that have particular physiologic effects relative to the amounts given.  Many of the drugs in use today have their origins in well known herbs used by treating illness by early healer/physicians, including aspirin.   However, isolating active chemicals in herbs, increasing their concentration, and excluding other ingredients from the plant to develop modern drugs, often results in dangerous side effects for patients, even when administered "properly".

An estimated 80% of Americans purchase supplements these days, but unfortunately, up to 90% of supplements on the market are at best ineffective and at worst potentially toxic and harmful to your health.   In addition, many Americans are not being informed about the rich history and healing potential of plant medicine. 

I work exclusively with the “God’s Herbs” brand because the formulas are natural, balancedpotenteffective, and beautifully designed to include multiple herbs that support regeneration of a specific organ/gland, as well as other parts of the body that support that organ/gland.   They are designed by mentor Dr. Robert Morse, N.D. (author of the Detox Miracle Sourcebook) who has over 40 years of experience working with herbs in a clinical setting. 

The formulas are also organic/wild-crafted, contain no synthetic/chemical ingredients made in a laboratory, and are packaged in amber bottles to maintain the integrity and potency of the herbs.

A recommended herbal protocol is included with your initial Detoxification Consultation.