GI Broom Capsules


GI Broom Capsules


An Herbal Tincture of:

* Psyllum Seed Husks
* Cascara Sagrada Bark
* Plantain Leaf
* Slippery Elm Bark
* Marshmallow Root
* Fenugreek Seed
* Fragrant Waterlily Root
* Iris Moss
* Bistort Root
* Bayberry Root Bark
* Mullien Leaf
* Cape Aloe Leaf
* Bentonite Clay
* Charcoal Activated
* Ginger Root
* Aloe Vera
* Cinnamon Chips
* Cherry

A powerful, high quality, intestinal cleanser (toxin absorber) and lymphatic puller. The GI Broom was designed not only to remove toxic buildup (mucoid plaque) on the intestinal wall; it's also designed to pull throughout the intestinal wall into the lymphatic system where lymph stagnation causes mal-absorption GI tract inflammation (e.g. enteritis, colitis, etc), cancers, polyps, etc. Lymph stagnation in the wall of the intestinal tract also causes head, sinus, tonsil, and esophageal lymphatic stagnation. The GI Broom also removes sulfur accumulation and other toxic chemicals that have been stored in the GI tract wall. No other formula on the market offers this unique focus on astringents and the consideration of the GI tract' lymphatic system. 


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Note: Don't consume with supplements, food, or herbal formulas. Take at least two hours after meals and supplementation.

For Best Results: consume during periods of juice or fruit fasting.

Additional Notes: Expect stools to look darker than normal. Be sure to stay htdrated with water or fruit juice. Constipation is not wanted! Be sure to adjust bowel formulas so you are moving 2-3 times a day.