"Learn With LaShanda" E-Learning Series


I wanted to find a way to share this knowledge of health and healing that I've gathered over the past years through my own healing journey, copious hours of self-study, and my work with clients.   This video series is where I go over specific ideas and concepts that are progressive, and most importantly make them understandable and accessible for anyone and everyone interested in learning how to be one of the ones who "gets it", and wants to avoid the fate of being surprised with a diagnosis of a chronic illness.

What Happens To Your Body When Toxins Are Allowed To Accumulate?





Video Time:  30 Minutes

Video Time:  30 Minutes

I created this video because this is the type of mind-blowing information I wish someone would have shared with me, because all of the signs I discuss on this video were present BEFORE I became sick, and then all of these signs magically disappeared before my very eyes as I continued my detoxification journey, even though everyone else (including medical doctors) considers these things to be normal.

Why This 30 Minute Video Could Completely Transform Your Understanding Health & Disease

  • Identify the signs to look for to let you know that you are walking down the road to being chronically ill
  • Learn why chronic illness should never be a surprise and why it simply doesn't develop overnight
  • Understand how to start participating in the health dialog that your body is having with you at all times 
  • Discover why detoxification should be considered your first action step in regaining your health
  • Understand why the tools of Western Medicine (e.g. drugs, radiation, surgery) should always be considered a last resort for healing 
  • Learn knowledge that will wake you up and set you apart from everyone else who still asleep thinking that each of their ailments are completely separate from one another



Video Time : 43 Minutes

Video Time : 43 Minutes

This video is my attempt to completely reframe how we understand food, nutrition, and why we eat.  I don't believe in dogma, or a one size fits all diet approach for everyone but what I am clear about is that Food is Medicine and that medicinal value is much broader than just ratios of fats, carbs, and proteins.  There's a lot being left out of the conversation when we discuss how to cultivate health and eat to live and thrive, that's not captured in focusing on what's trendy at the moment and fad diets and that our health providers are not even trained in.   I feel that we need understand our connection to food in a much deeper way, that connects us to our energy, spirituality, and to the planet.   

I've spent the past 6 months traveling to various countries and speaking to people about a subject that I'm extremely passionate about -- the body's unlimited power and ability to heal itself. From my perspective, suffering is completely unnecessary and only comes from a lack of knowledge. And once you have new wisdom and insight, you can make different decisions that bring light, health, and vitality into your life.

What You Will Learn in this 43 Minute 
Information-Packed Video

Key Concept #1 
Doctors Know Very Little About Nutrition

Key Concept #2
Current Nutrition Recommendations Promote Chronic Illness

Key Concept #3
Less is More

Key Concept #4 
Nutrient Absorption is Dependent on Cellular Toxicity

Key Concept #5
Nutrient Absorption Is Dependent on Good Digestion

Key Concept #6 
The Magic of Phytonutrients


The Three Most Important Properties of Food/Diet That Are Currently Not On Your Radar!


The most important thing I've learned over the years, is that the root cause of all suffering is a lack of knowledge or wisdom.  There is nothing more empowering and transformational that you can start doing for yourself today, than to start educating yourself  about your health in a progressive manner.  A way that helps you see beyond your own limiting beliefs and holding patterns.  

Have you seen how profoundly sick our society is these days?  You do not wanting to be doing what everyone else is doing and you do not want to be thinking the same way everyone else is thinking.  You want to shake up everything you've ever thought you knew about health and wellness and nutrition and begin to ask yourself "Is It True?".  That is the powerful, and thought-provoking question that will lead to your awakening and truth-seeking that blows all mainstream "common sense" completely out of the water.

When you start educating yourself in a way that taps into your own divine intelligence and inner knowingness, then you will no longer be led astray in making decisions that are not in alignment with your long term well being.

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