Cleaning out your Lymphatic System by detoxifying your body is probably one of the best things you could do for your physical, mental, and emotional health at this very moment.

A Detoxification Consultation can help provide education and insight about where your lymph system is most congested in your body and the stage of congestion (i.e. acute, sub-acute, or chronic).

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The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is where 90% of all disease processes begin.  When this highway system is congested and cannot eliminate well, it backs up the whole "sewer system" of the body, causing  a lack of improper elimination of cellular/metabolic wastes (acids), as well as toxic chemicals and metals that have been ingested.  These toxins must be eliminated or cellular death will occur.

Your lymph system is a vital part of your immune system.  To enhance your immune system, clean out your lymphatic system first.  Remember, your kidneys, colon and skin are the exit doors of your lymphatic system.  Most people have lost proper lymph filtration via their kidneys, their intestinal bowel walls are impacted, and many don't sweat well.  This means that their doors are partly closed in allowing their sewage or wastes to be properly eliminated.  This then backs up the lymph system and enlarges the lymph nodes.  When this goes on for many years, you will see all types of health conditions develop.

Unfortunately, the medical profession does not understand the importance of the lymph system as the body's sewer system, nor do they have the tools to clean it out, so they generally resort to removing parts of the lymph system when they become congested, toxic, and stop functioning properly.  Unfortunately, this strategy of cutting things out without addressing the root cause of the issue is very shortsighted and only serves to impair the ability of the body to remove acids/waste in the future, compounding the problem of lymphatic congestion and acidosis, and setting the stage for future degeneration and health issues.   For example, the tonsils, appendix, and various lymph nodes, are all a part of the lymph system.  Inflamed tonsils, a ruptured appendix, and swollen lymph nodes, indicate high levels of lymph congestion.  Removing these areas of the body handicaps the body in being able to remove its wastes, and has serious long term consequences.