The following results were achieved after 9 months on a Personalized Detoxification Program.   However, many changes resulted in the first 1-2 months of being on this detox program.   I've been ecstatic about the results and the ability to heal my body naturally through detoxification -- without drugs, surgery, radiation, or synthetic supplements.  


  • Chronic sinus infections and congestion  (treated with antibiotics, neti-pot, steam baths, various OTC medicine)
  • Back to back colds
  • Tumor on back of the neck
  • Year-round allergies with hay fever, watery eyes, etc.
    (treated with cortisone shots and OTC medicine)
  • All over body itching 
  • Candida/fungal overgrowth
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for the past 10 years 
    (treated with charcoal pills, various OTC medicines)
  • Colon pain when consuming raw fruits/vegetables
  • Chronic fatigue for 1-2 weeks before menstrual cycle
  • 7-9 day menstrual cycles
  • Intense PMS symptoms
    (fatigue, mood swings, breast tenderness, spotting)
  • Intense menstrual cramps for the past 15 years 
    (treated with 8 to 12 pain pills per cycle)



  • No more sinus infections and 90% decrease in sinus congestion  (taking no OTC medicines, antibiotics, or treatments)
  • No more frequent colds
  • Tumor on back of the neck has gone away
  • 90% decrease in allergy symptoms 
  • 85% decrease in all over body itching & candida issues
  • 1-2 daily, normal, bowel movements;
  • 85% decrease in IBS symptoms; no colon pain
  • Vitality & tons of energy
  • 4 day menstrual cycle
  • 80% decrease in PMS symptoms 
  • Minimal cramps during my menstrual cycles; oftentimes no pain pills needed  (after suffering for 15 years!)


My name is LaShanda and my story is your story. 

I had what appeared to be good health for most of my life, with the occasional sickness here and there and some digestive issues now and again.  However, about 4 years ago, minor symptoms started infiltrating my daily life, including seasonal allergies that started to last year round, increased PMS symptoms, chronic fatigue, chronic IBS symptoms, as well as back to back colds and sinus infections.   And then 2 years ago, I developed a large mass/tumor at the base of my neck, stopped digesting fats, nuts, and vegetables properly, I started feeling drunk after I ingested a lot of refined sugar, and I developed a rash-less itching all over my body.

I went to several doctors and specialists:  a general practitioner, allergist, ENT, naturopath, and dermatologist.  They ran tests, but none of them had an answer for me when I asked the simple question -- what’s causing all of this?  They all wanted me to try a drug that “might” help and I declined.  Instead, at the suggestion of the naturopath, I changed my diet.  I went on an elimination diet, and was able to pinpoint certain foods that were triggering symptoms and as a result, I eliminated all refined sugar, which controlled the itching.  I stopped eating meat and that helped with the fatigue and digestive issues.  I stopped eating dairy, which to my pleasant surprise, rolled back the PMS symptoms. 

Me, 2007

Me, 2007

Me, 2008

Me, 2008

I was excited by all the changes and improvements that didn't involve pharmaceutical drugs.   So I dropped the doctors and started taking natural supplements; bee pollen for increased energy, maca powder to balance hormones, nettles for sinus support, flax oil for the sinus inflammation, cayenne pills to stimulate circulation, calcium pills to prevent osteoporosis, digestive enzymes to help with my food digestion, aloe vera to soothe tissue in the GI tract, and on and on.  At one point I was using a neti pot daily, doing eucalyptus steam baths, taking wheatgrass shots, taking flax oil pills, and had ear candling performed, just to keep the sinus pressure, inflammation, and headaches in check.  

My diet strategy changed constantly and was largely influenced by the latest "news" in nutrition.  I’d focus on eating more whole grains, and then I cut out refined sugar, so I used a lot of agave and natural cane juice products.  I ate a lot of beans and lentils so I could “get my protein” in.  I stopped dairy for the most part, but ate lots of yogurt to get beneficial bacteria for my digestion.   I ate raisin bran and added psyllium husks and flax meal to my diet to increase my fiber intake.  I bought more organic and less GMO foods. 

I felt very empowered and knowledgeable making all of these changes and doing all of this personal research on nutrition, health and wellness.  However, at the end of the day, I looked at my medicine cabinet full of expensive supplements, my dresser full of natural alternatives, my fridge full of omega-3 and fiber rich, whole grain foods, my collection of health articles and books, and I had to admit, I felt confused, lost, and overwhelmed.  I looked at other people who were on these diets and supplements and were still suffering from health issues.  I realized that I still didn’t know what was causing my issues and although I was feeling somewhat better, I was still at best only controlling many of my symptoms.  I asked many supplements would I have to buy?  And how long would I have to be on them?  Would I ever be well enough to get off of them?  What was the underlying cause of my health issues?

All of that changed when I met a woman who shared with me that she had breast cancer for 10 years and went through 2 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation before giving up on Western medicine completely.  She had then healed herself from breast cancer after working with a naturopathic doctor named Dr. Robert Morse.  I scheduled an appointment with him and he explained to me how simple health is.  He was the first person I’d met who was able to explain clearly and thoroughly the underlying cause of my health issues and exactly what I needed to do to overcome them.  I listened to him and he has been right…about everything.  I have spent most of my spare time since that initial meeting, learning from him, soaking up the knowledge from his 40 years of experience as a healer, and progressing on my own detoxification and regeneration journey.   I have experienced not only a decrease in symptoms, but the experiential truth of what the body is capable of and the healing power of Nature. 

Me, 2011

Me, 2011

I've seen tons of changes and the majority of issues I was dealing with have either disappeared or receded significantly, all after only 8 months of a raw food diet and full herbal protocol during the past 20 months, three gravity colonics, a liver/gallbladder flush, and generally focusing on daily movement, stress reduction, deep breathing, and alkalizing my diet as much as possible when not officially on a detoxification protocol.

No pharmaceutical drugs.

No OTC medicines.

No isolated chemical/synthetic supplements.

I am still on my own journey towards vitality and health and rebuilding my weaknesses.  I have learned so much about my body, health, and patterns when it comes to eating.  I use my personal experience with the program to help and guide others and most importantly speak from a space of experience and understanding, not just book knowledge and intellectual theories.  Almost everything I suggest to clients, I have tried myself.  

Me, 2013

Me, 2013

As your personal detoxification and regeneration consultant, my main objective is to show you how simple Health is and to introduce you to the higher levels of healing that are possible when utilizing two of the most powerful tools Nature has given us to heal ourselves --- raw, unprocessed food and herbal botanicals.   


Detoxing and regeneration is a process and not always fun, but it's the only true remedy for regaining one's health, as it addresses causative factors head on.  I hope my story resonates with you and that you understand whatever health issues you're dealing with, can be overcome if you shift your focus towards health and away from concepts of "disease".  I look forward to working with you and starting you on your journey towards self-knowledge, healing, and vitality.