You have two choices:  Get Educated or Get Medicated.

My passion is educating people so they feel empowered to take control of their health and their lives.  From the experience of my own healing journey, I came to realize that the expertise of modern medical professionals pales in comparison to the divine intelligence that we all possess at the core of our being.  Our body has the ability to heal itself.  Our ancestors knew this to be true and in the process of industrializing and developing new, cutting edge technologies, we've forgotten the basics of how the body works and how the body heals itself, which is very separate from wearing a white lab coat and repeating a lot of complicated medical jargon.    

There is no reason to live in fear or believe that your health is out of your control.  Nature loves you, it is not out to attack you, and it has a reason for doing everything.  All of your symptoms are the body's way of telling you to change something related to your thoughts, your emotions, your diet, or your lifestyle.  The more serious the symptoms, the bigger the change that's needed.  My message to you is to learn how to listen to your body and heed its warnings.  Honor the divine wisdom that is coursing through your blood and that has been passed down to you from generation and generation, or that can be observed  by simply watching how Nature sustains and renews itself season after season.  Trust your own judgment.  Follow what resonates.  And remember that intuitively, you know a lot more about what your body wants and needs than anyone else.

Feel free to watch some of my educational videos, which will give you a taste of what it's like to work with me as a client and the level of wisdom and guidance I offer during my programs.

Why I Focus on Detoxificaiton

The most common misconceptions people have about me is that I'm a Nutritionist or that I work with people struggling with Drug or Alcohol Addiction. This video is a brief discussion on why I chose a career in Detoxification, rather than Nutrition.

The Down Low on Nutrition

Nutrition isn't complicated. There's several aspects to nutrition that are largely ignored and never discussed with you by your doctors, the supplement companies, and even your nutritionist. (!!!)

Underlying Reason for Tumors

In this video I discuss the underlying reasons for why the body is forming tumors. I cover fatty tumors as well as congestive accumulations including boils, cysts, tumors, and fibroids. The lymph system is introduced, and the video concludes with discussing whether you can identify tumors in the iris.

Understanding Cholesterol

A video where I talk about high cholesterol -- understanding what it is, why your body's producing it, and how to change your body's internal environment so it no longer has a reason to produce excessive levels of cholesterol.

Flu Shots

There's a lot of hype out there about the flu shot that inspires fear and anxiety for people. Cold and flus are a cleansing reaction and a sign that your body is removing accumulated waste -- a good thing. When you proactively cleanse your body internally, you'll have less instances of colds/flus and fewer issues with the bacteria and viruses.

Why Parasites Are In Your Body

Parasites include yeast, fungi, worms, flukes, bacteria, and viruses (based on the definition below). My mentor's (Dr. Morse) definition of parasites: "an organism that feeds upon the toxicity and weaknesses of others". Parasites do not feed on healthy cells and tissues. Use this knowledge to empower you and reduce fear and anxiety around Nature "attacking" you.

The Magic of Marijuana


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