The comments below make my heart smile and are from people who were kind enough to let me know how I made a difference in their life.  

They affirm that this is the right path I've chosen for my life and I'm happy to share my unique gifts with the world.


When I registered for LaShanda’s “Your Body Can Heal Itself” 30 Day Holistic Detox Challenge I was looking for a way to jumpstart healthy eating habits (again), and felt I could use the support of a group. Seriously, it was the best choice I could have made! The tips and techniques LaShanda shared helped me see my life from a refreshed perspective. In just a few short weeks, everything shifted. The challenge became less about the food, and more about how I wanted to live my life! I learned so much about myself. I encourage anyone who wants to start living a healthier, more vivacious life to do the 30 Day Holistic Detox Challenge. No matter what level of detox you choose to do, you will get invaluable knowledge by joining her.
— Amanda - "Discover What's Possible" Participant
The main reason I participated in the 30 Day Holistic Challenge was because of the past few years, I’d been dealing with either ezcema or psoriasis (been told by doctors that it was both). Steroids creams or shots provided temporary relief from the outbreaks but the blisters on my feet would eventually flare up again. I believe that these aggravating symptoms are more an allergic reaction to my diet, which included burgers, pizza, and fried foods. I particular had a weak spot for bar-be-que ribs and sausage. ;-0 So I took it upon myself to change my eating habits for the good. I must say that I’m really happy to report that at the conclusion of the detox challenge; my skin has cleared up, I’ve lost 14 lbs. and 4 inches off my waistline. I going to continue eating more raw foods because I’m really liking the results that the detox have brought to me.
— David, "Ready to Rock" Participant*

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary

Thank you LaShanda for leading this amazing journey with your sweet spirit. I did fall off the wagon towards the end but I picked myself up and continued the journey. I learned to hear my body as it speaks to me. I learned some possible reasons for the cravings that I had. I watched the fat melt from my body. I learned another way to focus on my heart and be mindful. I want to continue for as long as I can to be at least 80% raw so my body can continue to detox and heal. Thank you for your gentle non judge mental guidance. Sending love and light.
— "Ready To Rock" Participant


You are super inspirational!

I hope that my healing journey leaves me in a place where I can share as you are! I have more hope now that I’ve found you. I, who spent most of my college life pursuing premed studies and food science, found myself afraid to go to a doctor for fear they had no clue about my health and would rush me off for poking, cutting, and burning out of things :-). But now I’ve found someone who actually cares that this body is connected in some way to Spirit and that it speaks to us and that it heals itself if we allow it. I thank God for you, Dr. Morse, and others who share this vision!

Keep up the awesome work! I hope to some day reflect only a fraction of the light you are.
— Karen T. (San Francisco, CA)
My experience working with LaShanda has been amazing. I have tried a lot of different healing modalities and this one, by far, has affected the most change. My thyroid is back on track. I am sleeping soundly through the night. I have lost weight. And I no longer have aches and pains in my back.

But almost more importantly than the physical healing, the detoxification program has put me in touch with a more spiritual part of myself. It has been a life-changing experience, and I highly recommend LaShanda. She has been through the detox herself, and she is a wonderful guide and mentor.
— Sara B. (Sebastapol, CA)*

Results not typical. Individual results will vary

The detox improved my energy levels, mental clarity, bowel movements (did you know you’re supposed to have more than one a day?), and awareness of my own health and body. I was vegetarian before the detox but have tried to be more vegan and raw since the detox. I plan on going deeper with regular detoxes with LaShanda’s expert guidance and caring coaching!
— Alexandra L. (Chicago, IL)*

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary

LaShanda is attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I felt completely at ease with her during our consultation...I did the full 8 week protocol with her: herbal supplements and a completely raw diet. I’ve done juice fasts, and elimination detoxes before and found this one to be the most healthful and holistic way of detoxing and healing my body over a period of time.
— Jung F. (Berkeley, CA)
I started with the Lymphatic Maintenance Detox kit and then personalized my approach after a very worthwhile skype consultation with Lashanda [there was a long waiting list for Dr Morse]. I feel like I’ve got just the right formulas for my condition. The herbs are quite an investment but this is rebalancing a lifetimes worth of ignorance and the resulting acidosis and chronic lymphatic congestion most of us are suffering from.
— Peter F. (London, UK)
My experience of participating in a raw food diet is one punctuated by lightness and simplicity. I casually spoke with Lashanda about how I wanted to do a cleanse, and she told me that she was actually worked int his area. We sat down and consulted and she provided simple, clear directions. I wanted to feel healthy and light. My diet was not bad, but i just felt lethargic. The raw emphasis kept things simple and brought me back to the basic joy of eating fruit, drinking fresh juice and having lots of greens. I automatically felt more clear and connected to myself. No magic and no counting supplements. Eating colorful, fresh foods allowed me to feel more light and free. I achieved exactly how I wanted to feel and found that increasing my raw food intake allowed me to drop some not so great eating habits that I often abused. I can say, however, that I still love chocolate...Some love affairs never end!
— Clarence B. (San Francisco, CA)


(Please note that I no longer offer Emotion Code & Intuitive Health sessions for clients)

I am very impressed with the message given to me [about my health]. It took awhile to digest, as it really hit home to Truth. It is pertinent and empowering and so much wisdom. Really glad I got this. Thank you.
— Clarissa A.
I had been having this weird pain with spasms in my right hand for the last 6+ months. I work on the computer all day for work and it’s been so uncomfortable. Then to read the last [Emotion Code] report where you said that {the emotion of] abandonment was trapped in the right hand...I haven’t had the pain since then.
— Tracy, Spring, Texas*

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary

10 Days After an Emotion Code Session & “Heart Wall” Removal

”Thank you for the work you did for me. It’s all so very interesting. The two biggest shifts I’ve noticed is much, much better digestion. The other biggest shift I’ve noticed is feeling sooooo much in my heart. It’s like someone turned something on in there. I feel both the good and the bad very strongly. It helps to guide me in a way I never experienced before and I also have a sense of feeling more alive most of the time.
— Didi Lidell, Wichita, KS*

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary

The [Intuitive Health] assessment is really clear and useful advice. How you made the report shows that you are coming from a loving place.
— Daniella L.
My husband was also just diagnosed with Costochondritis. He has been having pretty severe chest pain. Somedays when he’s stressed he says it feels like he’s having a heart attack- so it can feel like a 10+”

10 Days After Two Emotion Code Sessions Including Removing a “Heart Wall”:

”My husband says his chest pain has been a “0” today & he’s had very little pain if at all the past week. :)
— Laura & Jason, Ft. Lauderdale, FL*

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary

I received your [Intuitive Health] assessment and thought that it was really impressive. You have been through a spiritual awakening right? How did you become aware that you have the ability to read energy so well?
— Cortney A.
I had a C-section almost 18 months ago and the muscle layer of the scar often hurts at a 5 (on a scale of 1 to 10) most of the time but gets worse (especially after sitting for a long time, like in a car) to around a 7 or 8. I’m about to start Mercier therapy abdominal massage for scar tissue in two weeks...”

10 Days Later...After Two Emotion Code Sessions

”It’s interesting, I hadn’t really noticed because I didn’t think of it, but I really haven’t felt the c section scar at all! I just laid on my back now and put my legs in the air which can stimulate it and I felt a tiny tickle but not the muscle tearing pain.

It’s so strange to have relief like that. I look forward to the services you will offer in the future.”
— Jesell, Cleveland, Ohio*

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary

I’ve been dealing with this pain for almost 4 years now...My pain is something I learned to make numb. No stretching, popping, or yoga has been able to make it go away.. I was assuming it may be a hernia or some sort of torn muscle because I can pop the area while stretching but it seems as though the blockage fills right back up.. It’s on the right side of my back from next to the spine...[On a scale of 1 to 10], I’d say it’s a constant 6 but recently it shot to a ten and after a few days back down to a six.”

10 Days After an Emotion Code Session...

”Well the pain level was at a 1-2 since three days after the session. Been staying more at 0-1 the last few days. Almost non existent. It’s as if it’s hiding because I can’t find that same pain I’ve had.
— Gabriel, New Jersey*

*Results not typical. Individual results will vary


I am grateful for the new perspective I have gained from taking 30 days to share the things I’m grateful for. As I review the posts in fact it’s not “things” at all; it’s people, and experiences that helped me get to the place I’m in today. I aim to live in a space of continual gratitude and this 30 days was a great way to start. Thank you LaShanda Greene for inventing this now global consciousness. I’m grateful I know the gal who started it all!
— Cynthia
I’m grateful that I took part in the 30 days of gratitude with Higher Purpose Healing. Many of us practice gratitude already but expressing it on the Facebook world is a little different, at first I felt a little shy but now I am totally comfortable and it feels natural. Announcing your gratitude to friends and strangers seems to give it even more power. It feels great to share it with others. This made me get into the habit of looking for things to be grateful for. Thank you LaShanda!
— Lisa
These 30 days of gratitude has been such a loving journey. Today is the last “official” day. The times I’ve stopped to really examine my life, I’ve felt silly ever to have complained about it. I am being, experientially, everything I feel myself to be. I think about my spirit now with tears in my eyes. I can feel it humming inside, smiling and guiding my mind and heart more freely. I tell you, in order for the Phoenix to rise, it must first burn. I bow my head to the ashes and take flight. Today, I honor the vast power of evolution.
— Adenike
The challenge gave me exuberance and got me excited to post things and let the world know that there are so many reasons to be grateful everyday! I was going through a difficult time as my boyfriend broke up with me, so being grateful about the many other amazing things in my life brought everything to light and gave me strength I needed during times when I was sad and feeling down. Being grateful brings an awareness to oneself; that even things which seem to be wrong or bad, come to you as a lesson and for a reason to only improve your life in another way perhaps you hadn’t imagined.
— Tricia