You are vibrational being that runs on ENERGY.

WELLNESS is defined by energy being able to circulate freely throughout your body un-obstructed and un-restricted.  

The main things that restricts energy flow in the body are negative thoughts and emotions, but other things that are unnatural to the body can also disrupt energy flow.  

Any area of the body with poor energy flow will become more susceptible to the build up of toxins, cellular decay, and EMF disturbances.  Often, different people who are exposed to same toxic substance or EMF environment will react differently simply based on how their energy was flowing throughout their body BEFORE they were exposed.


Because all of your cells run on energy, when energy flow is disrupted, there are very real physical consequences to the body:

  • Decreased energy flow to cells of organs and glands

  • Abnormal cell function (over/under functioning)

  • Inefficient elimination of cellular wastes

  • Buildup of toxins and acidic by-products in tissues

  • Hardening and solidifying of wastes (e.g. stones, tumors, etc.)

  • Cellular degeneration 

The majority of physical illness are the physical consequences of years of poor energy flow within one or more parts of the body without awareness of the importance of 1) addressing the vibrational root cause of the health issue (i.e. shift the emotional patterns) and 2) detoxifying the body to unwind the physical consequences of years of poor energy flow.


Detoxification has several benefits.  By consciously taking the time to remove any physical blockages that have formed, you will:

  • Improve energy flow to all your cells and tissues

  • Allow your body's natural healing energy to re-establish itself and regenerate cells

  • Improve natural elimination of wastes and acids

  • Improve cell to cell communication (very important in immune system function)

  • Strengthen weakened tissues

  • Improve physical health symptoms 

  • Release suppressed emotions and help establish new thought patterns

  • Raise your overall vibration, as previously stagnant energy starts to flow at a faster rate


There are many ways to detoxify the body.  My website features two products that I've used to detox my body and clients over the years:  Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite Supplement and Dr. Morse's Herbal Botanical Formulas.  Both will be of great assistance to you, as you start to cleanse your body and strengthen any weakened tissues. You can also check out my Detox Resources page, for tips as you begin your detox healing journey.  


If you are unsure of which type of detox is right for you, I would recommend ordering a Cyberscan "Alternative Healing Modalities " Report which will tell you which healing approaches would be best suited for you  -- including various detox methods (e.g. master cleanse, herbal detox, NCD detox, raw food detox, juicing detox, etc.)

If you have decided to do a herbal detox, I would recommend the Cyberscan "Dr Morse Herbal Supplements" Report to determine which supplements would be most beneficial for your herbal detox journey.