Learn to Meditate Effortlessly & Learn More About Yourself As a Human Being Made Of Energy!

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Who This Video Is For:

  • You are new to the concepts of energy and vibration and are looking to know more about who you really are

  • You want to understand more about law of attraction and how to raise your vibration

  • You have never tried, or have been struggling to start meditating and you want to start a basic meditation practice without it being so hard!

This Video Will Help You:

  • Develop an expanded understanding of your true nature as a human being made of light energy

  • Demystify the principles of law of attraction and gain new insights into how it operates in your day to day experience

  • Learn which factors have the biggest effect on your vibration and the signal you're sending out to the Universe

  • Discover the secret of how to meditate easily and effortlessly

  • Start a meditation practice immediately without having to wrestle with your mind

  • Gain more power over your life experience by learning how to better leverage your vibration

Total Run Time:  57 minutes

Video Outline:

Introduction:  Dear Vibrational Being

Chapter 1:  Everything is Energy

Chapter 2:  Why Vibration Matters

Chapter 3:  Your Signal To The Universe

Chapter 4:  Beliefs Systems

Chapter 5:  Thoughts

Chapter 6:  Emotions

Chapter 7:  Focusing Your Thoughts - Part1

Chapter 8:  Focusing Your Thoughts - Part2

Chapter 9:  Focusing Your Thoughts - Part3

Chapter 10:  Focusing Your Thoughts - Part4

Chapter 11:  Raise Your Vibration

Chapter 12:  What Blocks Your Life Force Energy

Chapter 13:  Why Meditation Raises Your Vibration

Chapter 14:  Benefits of Meditation

Chapter 15:  Logistics of Your Meditation Practice - Where

Chapter 16:  Logistics of Your Meditation Practice - When

Chapter 17:  Logistics of Your Meditation Practice - Body Position

Chapter 18:  Logistics of Your Meditation Practice - Clothing & Ambiance

Chapter 19:  The Secret to Meditation

Chapter 20:  Meditation Instruction:  Part 1

Chapter 21:  Meditation Instruction: Part 2