My experience working with LaShanda has been amazing. I have tried a lot of different healing modalities and this one, by far, has affected the most change. My thyroid is back on track. I am sleeping soundly through the night. I have lost weight. And I no longer have aches and pains in my back.

But almost more importantly than the physical healing, the detoxification program has put me in touch with a more spiritual part of myself. It has been a life-changing experience, and I highly recommend LaShanda. She has been through the detox herself, and she is a wonderful guide and mentor.
— Sara B. (Sebastapol, CA)
The detox improved my energy levels, mental clarity, bowel movements (did you know you’re supposed to have more than one a day?), and awareness of my own health and body. I was vegetarian before the detox but have tried to be more vegan and raw since the detox. I plan on going deeper with regular detoxes with LaShanda’s expert guidance and caring coaching!
— Alexandra L. (Chicago, IL)
LaShanda is attentive, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I felt completely at ease with her during our consultation...I did the full 8 week protocol with her: herbal supplements and a completely raw diet. I’ve done juice fasts, and elimination detoxes before and found this one to be the most healthful and holistic way of detoxing and healing my body over a period of time.
— Jung F. (Berkeley, CA)
I started with the Fab Four and then personalized my approach after a very worthwhile skype consultation with Lashanda [there was a long waiting list for Dr Morse]. I feel like I’ve got just the right formulas for my condition. The herbs are quite an investment but this is rebalancing a lifetimes worth of ignorance and the resulting acidosis and chronic lymphatic congestion most of us are suffering from.
— Peter F. (London, UK)
My experience of participating in a raw food diet is one punctuated by lightness and simplicity. I casually spoke with Lashanda about how I wanted to do a cleanse, and she told me that she was actually worked int his area. We sat down and consulted and she provided simple, clear directions. I wanted to feel healthy and light. My diet was not bad, but i just felt lethargic. The raw emphasis kept things simple and brought me back to the basic joy of eating fruit, drinking fresh juice and having lots of greens. I automatically felt more clear and connected to myself. No magic and no counting supplements. Eating colorful, fresh foods allowed me to feel more light and free. I achieved exactly how I wanted to feel and found that increasing my raw food intake allowed me to drop some not so great eating habits that I often abused. I can say, however, that I still love chocolate...Some love affairs never end!
— Clarence B. (San Francisco, CA)