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The Illusion of Disease Seminar

The Illusion of Disease Seminar
Learn Why Detoxification Is the Secret to Reversing Chronic Disease Naturally & Living With Maximum Vitality

December 11th, 2013 | 6:30 – 8:30pm | Cost:  FREE
Rudramandir (Lotus Room) | 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, California 94710
Speaker:  LaShanda Greene, Certified Detoxification Specialist

Are you serious about living free from pain and disease?

Do you want to live a happy fulfilling life full of energy, zest for life and clarity of thought you never thought possible?

Do you want freedom from a lifetime of treating and managing symptoms and spending all your money on Doctors and Prescriptions?

In this powerful seminar, you will learn why the concept of disease is an illusion, and why treating disease, never addresses the root causes of illness.  You will learn about the body in a language anyone can understand and you do not need to spend hours learning complicated and boring technical terms. Once you understand certain processes that occur on a cellular level you will understand why the name of the “disease” is not so significant anymore.

Discover why detoxification can create the optimal environment your cells need to heal by using the 4 R's:  1)
Reduce toxin exposure, Remove accumulated toxins, Repair damaged cells, Recharge weak cells.

Insights You Will Gain From Attending This Seminar:

·         Holistic tips that you can start doing today to improve your health and detoxify your body

·         Secrets to boosting your immune system & nutrition that don’t involve food or supplements

·         The top 5 signs you’re toxic and creating illness in the body that everyone considers NORMAL

·         How to prevent pain and disease and live in youthful vigor for the rest of your life

·         How to activate energy in your body that has amazing speed healing ability

·         An introduction to the "Lymphatic System"

·         The cause of congestion, inflammation, and chronic pain

·         Why loss of energy is the beginning of sickness

·         Revelations that will allow you to sort through all the hype and confusion around what foods are really good for you