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Rethinking Nutrition & Discovering The Healing Power of Foods

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Date/Time:  May 20th 6-9pm
Address:  Huerto Comunitario Sabores De La Tierra - Nayarit 41, Col. Manglito (media cuadra de la playa)

In this powerful seminar, you will start to evaluate and question the current understanding of nutrition, why we eat, and what the cells in our body really need to not only survive, but thrive.  

Insights Your Guests Will Gain From Attending This Seminar:

  • The most essential nutrient in your food that doctors and nutritionists aren’t telling you about
  • The most important aspects of your food that have nothing to do with proteins, fats, carbs, and calories
  • The limitations of nutritional labels and hidden dangers of food pyramid guidelines
  • The secret to boosting nutrition levels that don’t involve food or supplements
  • The magical qualities of phyto-nutrients and why you should be eating more of them
  • It's not what you EAT, it's what you are what you “digest”, “absorb”, and “utilize”
  • Why most supplements on the shelf are ineffective at best and toxic at worst
  • The importance of synergy:  why eating whole foods matter
  • Learn how the trillions of cells in your body really work and what the need to function
  • Common things you’re doing to block nutrients from being absorbed in your body
  • Learn about the #1 most important and easiest food rule to follow for better health
  • Learn about the important differences in consuming cooked foods and raw foods
  • All raw foods are not equal – learn why preparation is key
  • Understanding why processed foods have such a negative effect on the body
  • Why raw foods give you more energy and are easier for the body to process and assimilate
  • But where do you get your protein?  Learn how!
  • Why raw foods are essential to keeping your body clean on the inside
  • Food combining simplified
  • The major differences between fruit sugar and refined sugar
  • Why eating raw foods connects you with your natural divine energy
  • Which kitchen equipment is necessary vs. optional 
  • Tips on transitioning your diet to incorporating more raw foods