What Exactly is Vibrational Coaching?


I offer a unique brand of wellness coaching for people with chronic health issues, who are interested in addressing the vibrational "root cause" of their physical symptoms.  Vibrational coaching helps you adjust your focus, habitual thought patterns, and lifestyle, so that you allow life force energy to flow through you without being restricted.  Vibrational coaching helps you raise your vibration so you are no longer operating at an energy deficit.

Illness = Energy Deficit     |       Healing = Energy Surplus

My speciality is understanding the human body through the lens of energy / vibration and the disease process as a function of energy flow.  To put it simply, health is when lifeforce energy is flowing unrestricted through your body and illness is when the energy is not flowing well.  

If you are currently suffering with some sort of chronic physical health issue, you are more than likely doing more things that deplete and block energy flow, than you are doing to cultivate energy flow.  This energy deficit keeps the cells of the body from being able to function and communicate with each other, which is often diagnoses as chronic illness over time.

Heal Yourself By Raising Your Vibration

If you have a chronic health issue, you mostly likely have a blindspot in terms of the things you're doing to create this ongoing energy deficit, otherwise you wouldn't be doing them!  My job is to help you:

  1. Understand how to cultivate more life force in your body, so you are operating with an energy surplus, instead of an energy deficit

  2. Get your body in the energetic state that allows healing and regeneration to take place naturally

  3. Better understand yourself better as a vibrational being and how your health issues are a function of energy flow

  4. Apply principles of the Law of Attraction to regain your health and heal your body

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